Musical Monday #81 - Wild Horses

If I am completely honest, the song I was going to do today was one I don't like for a change.  However, I heard this the other day and was completely enthralled.

Kellie and myself were in Asda doing *shudder* Christmas Shopping, and over the loudspeaker system was this song, entertaining the masses.  "That's Susan Boyles new song" piped up my fun-sized girlfriend (she's short, bless her) while I was avoiding being run over by a granny, while avoiding being walked through by ignorant people, while avoiding killing the people around me...

Now, I've heard Susan Boyle sing once.  Possibly twice.  The same song, mind you off the Pop X Idol Talent or whatever it was.  I Dreamed A Dream.  Unlike the rest of the world, however, I wasn't screaming in adoration.  Impressed with how good her voice was, yes, but not screaming in adoration.

So, my experience with her voice was one operatic-style song.  So my reply to Kellie may have been worded in the following way...

"Pffft, right.."
I was grumpy shopping.  However, she was adamant, and I had to accept she knew more than me.  I suspect she's a closet Pop X Idol Talent fan.  However, the song on the tannoy system sounded like, well, someone different.  Young, for example.

Then, at some point during the week, I have a peek online and, oopsy daisy, I was wrong.  And I love it.  I know everyone has said it (months ago, no less!) but her voice really is amazing.  In a world of crap singers, Auto Tune and the Craptastic Pop Machine churning out one-hit wonders, it's always good to find someone with real talent.

And yes, Kellie, you were right.  See.  Publically stating I was wrong :)

Edit: OK, this WAS a post for 7th December, but for some reason, it was saved as a Draft and not published. Pah.

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One Response to “Musical Monday #81 - Wild Horses”

Anonymous said...

Totally agree -- I adore this song + particularly the new version by Susan Boyle. That's another CD sold and in my santa stocking, Ms Boyle ;-)