Happy Birthday 0dd Son!

Once again, the time of year has rolled around to remind me that I am in fact getting old. Today - now, as this is posted using the "Scheduled Post" button - at 1209am, my wee man popped into the world, proving that survival of the fittest (ie, me) is a lie, and that I have managed to pee in the gene pool.

Yes folks, Jaysen is now ELEVEN. It's like... 10... only.... more!  When he was ten, I was very much "ooooh wow, I have a TEN year old son" but now... NOW I have a Soon-To-Be-Teenager.

Though I not sure if that's a good thing or not.

But I digress....

To my excellent little lad, Jaysen,
I can't believe you are eleven already.  ELEVEN.  I was looking at some pictures of you the other day when you seemed so small and young and everything else, and part of me thinks "Goodness, that was soooo long ago" when in reality, it's only five, six or seven years ago.

You're getting to the age now where I am sure you will find these little notes and things that I have left you over the years, and once you start Googling your own name, you will find that I am in fact a bad evil daddy that has posted all your escapades, slip-ups, accidents and little notes.  Hopefully, these little notes will tell you how much I love you.

Of course, you being you, you HAD to get poorly for your birthday.  Last year, it was me that was ill for it, and now this year, in true English Fashion (English = us, not English = Country) you've carried the germs through.  I'm sorry you're poorly, sorry you're feeling a bit under the weather, but it's just a case of germ. They'll go and you'll forget all about them.

Thank you for being such an excellent little lad.  I couldn't be more proud of you and your achievements, but mostly, I am glad you are a happy child.  I hope I've instilled into you a sense of right and wrong, good from bad, manners, politeness and all the rest of it.  I want you to enjoy your life, enjoy being you, and live every minute of it how you want.

And of course, if you happen to be a rich, famous chap, then remember how much I love you ;)

Happy Birthday, Jaysen.  I can't believe you're 11, and couldn't be happier with how you are growing up.

All my love,
(Or just "Dad" when your mates are around.  It's OK, I don't mind)

Edit: OK, I have no i idea why this has posted already... 11th Decemeber, 00:09 posting time apparently means "F$ck it, post it now" according to Blogger!

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Posh Totty said...

Happy 11th Birthday Jaysen Xxx