Manic Much?!

To say these last couple of weeks have been a bit busy seems like a minor understatement.

The Christmas Holidays kicked off a day early thanks to Frozen Britain starting, causing traffic chaos, closed schools and everything else.  In reality - there was two inches of snow and some ice, so everything ground to a screeching - or skidding - halt.  It didn't help that Tam was poorly again too.

So, from there, we headed to Kellies (being that a day later the traffic chaos was gone) and pottered about there for a few days, before the kids went back to Jo.  This gave me and Kellie time to finish our Christmas Shopping which had been stalled thanks to three of our four kids having Swine Flu over the space of three weeks.

Yeah, we had loads to get.

We were finally done shopping at about Midday on Christmas Eve.  Oops.  Of course, planning skills of the GODS struck, and we'd arranged for my Mum & Nan, and Kellies Mum to come over for dinner.  While it went well and a good time was had by all, we didn't kick them out till gone 9pm...

And then started wrapping all the Xmas Presents we'd got over the previous few days.  It was a veritable nightmare...  We fell into bed at about 2am.

Christmas morning, Dom and Molly were up at the butt-crack of dawn with their stocking stuff and came running in to sit on the bed to open them up.  Once done there, we got up, sorted stuff out ready for Xmas Dinner, and once we were sorted, sat down so they could do their presents. 

Once they were done, they headed off to do their thing with their gifts, while we cleared up the bombsite of wrapping paper.

From there, we carried on getting all the vegetables ready, when Jaysen & Tam arrived.  So, stocking presents, clearing up, more presents, more clearing up - then all the kids ran about charging like wild things tearing the place around...

Kellie slaved like a slave in the kitchen, and to say "We had a massive dinner" was a bit of an understatement.  Stacks and stacks of food, and it was wonderful.

Somehow, we managed to stay awake while the kids charged about - till it got to the point that we glued them in bed and ended up falling into our bed.

Once again, the marvellous planning of the GODS struck, and Boxing Day saw MORE stuff going on.  Kerry and her three kids stormed around, and another massive amount of food was laid out.  Seven kids and three adults (plus Sally and Arwen!) running about till late in the night...  Of course, it was all great - and much Jack Daniels was had ;)

And this was just the first few days of the Christmas Holiday...  I'm knackered thinking about it!  More to come - when I get a minute!

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