As it may have been apparent to the more astute reader, I have in fact been slacking off on the blog for a bit.

Yes, I am sorry.  I didn't mean it.  Bad Dan.

This time of the year is pretty grey and rubbishy (Is that a word? Hmmm...) and I tend to not blog much.  But I digress.

First off, a big thank you to everyone for last week.  I received lots of messages through various mediums on Friday/Saturday, so thank you.  I was on the phone to some strange bloke from Manchester earlier today, and as I said to him, it's a sink-or-swim situation.  I could let it all smother me, drag me down and take over me, or I can kick and scream and drag myself out of it.  And another unhinged sort from Bedford has used her professional doctor skills (I've seen her certificate, it's all in crayon and everything!) to prescribe a night out, so no doubt once the weather perks up a bit, and the Birthday part of 2010 is over, we'll be heading up there for a giggle.

And by birthday part of 2010, I mean January-to-April, which seems to have something in the region of, oh, four squillion birthdays to deal with.

Aaaaanyway... I'm still slacking.  I have the rest of Xmas 2009 to post about, plus New Year, not to mention the occasional funny thing I save, then sort of... forget about.  Oopsie.

So yes, I am still alive, still kicking at the darkness till it bleeds daylight, and generally ticking over.  But holy pants I am so tired at the moment.  No idea what's happening, but by the time half three rolls around, I'm fighting to stay awake.  Think I might have to start eating my vitamin B stuff again.  Helped with the energy and for comedy bonus points, turned my pee a REALLY cool Sunshine Yellow!

Pictures may arrive in the coming weeks...

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One Response to “Slacker”

Posh Totty said...

Glad you are going to take my advice ... makes a nice change ;o)