I Own Me!

Here's something that will appeal to some of you.  And by "some" I mean "the nerdy geeky sorts" for I have recently attained another level of Geekhood.

On Monday, my mobile rang and usually if I don't recognise the number, or if it's withheld, I don't answer it.  However, answer it I did, and for once, it wasn't someone asking for money or "a few minutes of my time" nor even was it the school telling me Jaysen was a prat and fallen over.

No, it was the people that I bought 0ddness.co.uk through.  After confirming who I was (THEY phoned ME for goodness sake!) they told me that when I registered 0ddness, I also tried to register another domain, and by doing so, had put basically used their "Notify me when available" service.

Yeah, I did it by accident, but still...

So, after offering me this domain that had recently come up, I told them I couldn't justify spending £10 on something I don't really have a need for.  No, it's not a lot of money, but still.

However, the very nice person on the phone whittled it down to a fiver.

Well, the nerd in me was already screaming I should take it at a tenner, but now, at £5, I couldn't silence the nerd, and while my reply was "Well, thank you, that's excellent, I will take it" my inner nerd was screaming "GIMMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE BUY TAKE IT GET IT BUY GIMMIE!"

So, 24 hours later, I get the email telling me that yes, I now own:


Hehehe yes, go me!  Go Dan, Go Dan!

However, I'm not totally sure what to do with my new-found fame.  I could just direct it to here - keep 0ddness as 0ddness, but have the url aim this way.  Or I could do a single, sort of CV dossier page if I decide to convince someone to give me a job.  Or, I could just point it at something gross for comedy purposes ;)

Answers/Suggestions on a postcard :D

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2 Responses to “I Own Me!”

Posh Totty said...

You know my views on this already, so stop thinking and go do it .... now ... go on .... chop chop!!

Stuart Wilson said...

That's not bad. You're catching up with me with the number of domains owned!! Fasthosts.co.uk do them at £2.95 (co.uk) per year, so if you had paid £10, you'd have been ripped off.