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Now, I'm not one to watch the various whisper-whisper-rumour sites for TV Shows and Movies that are upcoming, but every now and then I DO have a little nosey-nose to see what's out there.

The last movie I watched was Avatar, in 3D no less. James at The Diet Plate took me and Kellie out for our Xmas pressie, paying silly amounts for the funky seats with free food and drink. Still, that movie was excellent, and to be honest, I hadn't really paid any attention to the hype/nay-sayers with it coming up. I saw a trailer for Avatar when Kellie and I went out with Gemma and Pete to see Final Destination 3D (Yawn-tastic!). It looked pretty, and the blue chaps made me think of Warcraft Night Elves.

But I digress...

This evening, while the kids were simmering in their own filth bathing, I had a poke about online, using IMdB and YouTube to see what was coming out...

Tron Legacy
Hmmm, I thought this was originally going to be a remake of the old Tron movie we all know and love (however, I've not seen it in years, and know if I DO watch it, my Nostalgia will turn to WTF!), but after seeing this trailer, it's clearly not.  I DON'T think I could watch the original and then go see the new one though... I think I'll probably cry ;)

And before you trolling trolls come out of the woodwork to whine at me, don't bother.  Yes, Tron was ahead of it's time, yes it was cutting edge back then, blah blah blah...  MY Blog.  MY opinion.  Don't like it, jog on ;)

Robin Hood
Another one that I'm not sure about. I've watched the trailer a couple of times now, but for some reason, all I can see is Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe in a different version of Gladiator. Some of the forest fight scenes from the trailer actually look like the ones out of Gladiator. I'm sure it'll be a big, sprawling epic, but will I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Gladiator? I don't know. It's a "new take" on the Robin Hood story, so who knows.

Though the little voice in my head is just telling me it's going to be a random medieval movie using the name of Robin Hood. We'll see.

How To Train Your Dragon
OK, yes, it's a kids movie. Yes, it is - like most kids movies now - computer animated. And by Dreamworks too. However, from the trailer, it DOES look pretty entertaining. I saw it originally at the Avatar showing (I think...) and it looked good in 3D then too. Of course, even from the trailer, you can tell what will happen and how it will end. Well, I assume so, but I digress. The kids seemed very interested in it too, but then, like magpies, they like all the shiny new things ;)

Shrek Forever After
See above. Kids, computer animated, Dreamworks... But THIS is a Shrek movie, and even though the two sequels so far have been cheesy-BUT-still-enjoyable, I have no doubt this will be a good one too. Looks like they're not going to flog the dead donkey horse too much, and are playing the "alternate reality" card, so they can tell the same story from a different angle.

Wait, that is flogging the dead equine-type-beastie. Hmmm...

The A Team
I don't know. I just don't know. I knew they were making it, but I have avoided looking into it for the most part. Again with the nostalgia. It was great back then, but will it be the same, or will it be "Hey, let's make a random action movie, throw in random plots and explosions and all the rest of it - BUT let's use the A Team franchise" I have a nasty suspicion that's how a lot of Hollywood movies come about these days. The formula for a movie is A+B+C-D=Movie, where A is big-name actor, B is big name director, C is big money special effects, and D is plot.

Bless the remakes of the world...

Clash of the Titans
YES, I am guilty. This is one movie I HAVE been kinda sorta following a bit. You may even recall I had a whine back in December about it, and since then, a new trailer has come about. It's basically the same as the original trailer, but with a bit more in the way of "Look at our CGI" and "Here's some talky parts"

I am still struggling with the Right or Wrong of the making of this movie. I STILL love the original, and even though, yes, it IS dated, it's still an excellent movie - as a movie, and how it was technically.

Prince of Persia
Now, computer-game movies are generally a bit Hit and Miss, and by that I mean, they usually end up going straight down the flusher. Which is another reason I am worried what will happen with the World of Warcraft movie... But I digress. The Prince of Persia computer games have been around since, erm... a while. A LONG while. I suppose it was only a matter of time. On the plus side, it's getting done by Disney. And Jerry Bruckheimer is doing it, which for some is a minus point, but I tend to enjoy his movies for the Popcorn factor. Of course, I suspect a lot of the Pirates of the Caribbean team will be involved. Which probably means it will be "Pirates of the Caribbean - Set in a Desert"

Still, if it's got a good plot and decent actors - and doesn't rely on the "Ooooh purdy" factor to make it big, then it should do well. Pirates did very well, so who knows - maybe a decent Game-Turned-Movie will appear (though I DID like Tomb Raider!)

Now, other than movies, what else is there... TV Shows tend to sneak up on me, or I miss the bus completely and get in on it two or three seasons too late. Lost, CSI, House, 24 - all great, but I didn't realise as such till everyone else told me to watch them. The only exceptions have been Lie To Me and Heroes. I saw them both coming, and loved them both.

However, I'm not entirely sure there is anything on the radar that I am really looking forward to, with the exception of the new Doctor Who series, especially as no David Tennant means no Billie Piper. Holy CRAP did I get sick to the teeth of her, or people moaning about "poor Rose".

The new bloke, Matt Smith, from what I have seen online is going to do a pretty good job, and it'll be nice to get some fresh stuff flowing. Or, as fresh as you can get it.

Feel free to voice your thoughts and opinions on the movies, suggest others (especially if they are remakes of old stuff!) and let me know of any TV shows that might pique my interests!

PS: They're making a Marvin the Martian movie... Bet they screw that up too...

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