The Things She Says #1

Taking a leaf from Mr Shiny Demon, I've decided to start posting the "interesting" things that Miss Kellie comes out with.  See, usually we can sit and have a grown up discussion about whatever subject rolls around.  Sometimes we can take the proverbial piss out of one another.  And other times... well, other times the conversation rolls straight around to "Sorry dear... What?"

The scene...  A Colourblind Me fancied a banana.  However, being, you know, colourblind, I wasn't sure if the bananas she had just bought were ripe (yellow) or unripe (green).

Me: What colour are the bananas honey, green or yellow?
Kellie: They're red, aren't they?

I have NO idea where that came from, and kind of sort of just... looked at her.

There will, I am certain, be more to follow...

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2 Responses to “The Things She Says #1”

Shiny Demon said...

Ahh, yes. Mad comments from our "better" halves. Been a while since my missus has said anything stupid. I think she watches herself around me now!

Posh Totty said...

Hahaha!! Kellie, I live with a colourblind man too, I so get ya ;o) *grins*