Happy Birthday Tam!

Today, my beautiful little Peanut is five years old.  And talk about time flying... Wow.

Looking back over the last five years, it's so hard to believe that after everything that had gone on before her birth, something so beautiful and peaceful could arrive.

She is growing so fast it is unbelievable, and I am dreading the next five years, because I know that in that time, she'll grow to be even MORE feisty and even stronger-willed than she already is.  Even looking back one or two years, I can't believe how she is growing, developing, changing.  From a perfect little pink lump, to my beautiful little Peanut...  My little Peanut that wants to be a bus driver, that doesn't like Battered Sausages, but loves the "crispy yellow ones".  That loves watching the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoons, Doctor Who, and even House.

To this day, I have no idea where the name Peanut came from, but it's HER name, and she LIKES it.  If we're talking and I happen to call her Tam or Tamsyn, she corrects me and tells me she's my Peanut.

My baby girl, Tamsyn...
Five years old!  You're growing so fast - too fast for your poor old Daddy!  It was only a little while ago that you were a teeny tiny baby that couldn't do anything - now you'll do the same thing over and over and over until you get it.

Just look at last week - I was worried you would struggle to learn to ride your bike without your stabilisers, but just like Kellie said you would, you'd pick it up in no time.  Ten minutes, and you were whizzing around like a mad thing.

I love you very much, my sweet little Tamsyn - sorry, Peanut, and you will always be my little girl.  Everyone loves you, and I know you love everyone back, and you always will.  Never change that.  You keep laughing, and smiling, and playing, and singing.  If you want to give someone a cuddle for no reason, then you do it.  Your little arms around my neck fit just right, and they always will, even if you end up taller than me!

Happy Birthday my little Peanut.

Love, always,

Click pictures to embiggen :)
Baby Tam, less than a day old


Not big enough yet girl!

Helping in the kitchen


My little forest sprite

After a hard day...

Teeny Weeny Smiler

"See, I CAN pull my trouser legs right up..."

A beautiful Peanut


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