Happy Birthday Kellie!

Today, my gorgeous other half marks her birthday!  Happy Birthday Kellie!

Edit: OK, this is saved in my drafts as I didn't get around to finishing it ON her birthday... Bad Dan.  So I am finishing it and posting in today ;)

This is her second birthday that we've been together, and if it's possible, I think even more of her now than I did a year ago.  I love her more, I miss her more when she's not with me, I worry more when she's out without me (even if she's only popping to the shops for milk!)...

Yes, I know it's sickening, but what's a guy to do!

My Kellie,
I know I tell you all the time - possibly too much - but I love you.  Very very much.  I love everything about you and think the absolute world of you, and could not be more proud to have you by my side when we're out and about. 

And I don't mean that in a "Heeeey look what I managed to catch!" but more "Heeeey look what chose ME over everyone else!"  I love being with you, and hate it when we're apart.

I hope you have a truly wonderful birthday, and are spoiled as much as possible.

I love you, my wonderful Kellie.  And I don't care who knows it


And as much as I hate my pictures being posted to the world, here are the few I have of us together.  Plus one with her deranged best friend!
Yes, I am slouching so she doesn't break her neck...

My two favourite girls

Kerry & Kellie - prolly drunk ;)

See how well she fits around me!


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One Response to “Happy Birthday Kellie!”

Posh Totty said...

Too much mushy stuff, I think I might quite possibly be sick!! hehe!!

Just kidding, hope you had a great birthday Kellie Xxxx