WTH? (Where The Hell??)

As has been noted on many occasions over the last few weeks, 0ddness has been a bit... quiet.

OK, it's been desolate, but (and there's always a but!) I DO have excuses.  As usual ;)

The first and probably main excuse is the fact that I feel like I've not sat down and done "nothing" in an awfully long time.  I am pretty much busy with something somewhere at any given moment.  The upshot to this is I'm slowly slowly become slightly less wobbly in the flab department.  The downside - when I DO have a quiet ten minutes - I am fighting to stay awake, or am hurting like a mother fu... erm...

Secondly, I can actually point a finger of blame.  See, a few weeks ago, I did a "Happy Birthday Tam" post, a "Kellie Saying Something Interesting" post, a "Musical Monday" post... And blogger apparently ate them.  Om Nom Nom indeed.

Thirdly... Kids.  With the world defrosting from the Hell on Earth that was three inches of snow, the kids have come out of hibernation, and it's constantly GoGoGoGo! with them.

Fourthly: Germs.  And for once, not all me!  I had a very very icky tummy in fection a few weeks back which knocked me flying.  The kids were dressed in rags, eating out the bins, licking the damp off the walls in order to stay alive*, all the while, I was doing my best impression of a grown man that had died, and was dissolving from the inside out...  Kellie has been poorly too, so when I've been Healthy Boy, she's been Poorly Girl and has random health stuff going on.

So, you see, I DO have excuses... And I DO have lots of blogging to catch up on...  I have to re-write Tams birthday post, I have to do a couple of Musical Mondays (though I'll post them in the future to save confuzzling people), and I have a couple of things about Kellie to post...

Oooh I can hear her cringing from here ;)

* May be dramatisation

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