Bloody BBC...

Now, you may notice this post is labelled as a "rant"  However, while a small population of the world has found something to whine about every episode of the new Doctor Who series, I am not one of those people.  I love the new Doctor, I love his companion, the music, the plot... My fan-hood-dom-ness will be covered in another post another time.

No, this post, while Doctor Who related, is not technically about Doctor Who.

In 2008, the BBC Proms hosted a Doctor Who special.  A philharmonic orchestra, the Royal Albert Hall, music from the series, monsters, guests...  I saw it last year on DVD and thought it was bloody excellent.  I like the music of Murray Gold (the chap behind the music of the series), and thought the Proms special was excellent.

So, this morning, I see a snippet of news that it's returning to the RAH this year.  "Ooooh" think Me, thinking it'd be quite nice to take Kellie and maybe the kids to see.  Ticket prices were surprisingly low, and I clicked the More Information button.

"This Performance is Sold Out" the website told me.  "Arse" I muttered, and clicked the next days performance.

"This Performance is Sold Out" the website told me, rather smugly this time, I thought.

I have a dig around Mr Google, and see what I can find about it.  After all, this is a pretty impressive event, but 0ddly, I'd not seen any publicity about it.  Especially when you consider Doctor Who is the BBCs "flagship" Saturday night program.  All the search results are popping up with Proms 2008 (The original Doctor Who at the Proms), so I dig around, alter the search.

 I find a BBC Press Release from early May of this year, and I find a couple of papers with a mention to it being decided on.  And that was it.  Not even the official Doctor Who page had any information about it.

In short, there was bugger-all advertising, sod-all publicity, and precisely f$ck-all chance of someone like me knowing about it in time to order tickets.

Now, call me cynical ("You're cynical, Dan") but I have a sneaking suspicion this is one of those events that only people "In the know" or in certain circles get a chance to see.  I'm not talking whispered-hush-hush conspiracy, but it's certainly something that I would have loved to have seen live, let alone take the tribe along with me.

I rummage through some of my links where I have Doctor Who/Torchwood news sites saved, and not on ANY of them could I find mention of it.

So, this year, I won't be seeing Doctor Who at the Proms.  I will piss and moan about it here to you lot, but I will have to do what the other 99.5% of the fanbase will do... Remain oblivious to it's existence, and watch a TV Version when they decide to broadcast it.


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2 Responses to “Bloody BBC...”

Posh Totty said...

Have you tried looking on Ebay for tickets? .... however saying that, they may no longer be so cheap that way, but depends how desperate you are to go.

Stuart Wilson said...

At last, I've found someone else who appreciates Murrays music!! Do you have the Soundtracks CDs from Doctor Who? They're great!