"Clash" of the "Titans"

Fore-warned is Fore-armed, apparently... Which might be another way of saying "I might get a bit shitty in this post" so you've been warned...

On Kellies birthday, she decided that seeing a movie and going out for dinner together was what she wanted to do, just the two of us, no kids, no time limits on babysitters or anything else...

Having seen the trailers, she was quite taken by Clash of the Titans, and, seeing as I wanted to see it too, that's what we headed for.  Granted, had she chosen a chick-flick, I'd have taken her to see that and not complained.  But, CotT was the plan of action.

To be fair, I went in with an open mind, knowing it was a "new take" on the original and not an outright remake. I wasn't expecting stop-motion, Ray Harryhausen special effects, but I was expecting something different.

I'm not even sure where to begin to be honest.  Had the film been called "Random Generic Greek Myth Movie" we'd be having a different blogpost.  But it wasn't.  So I am bitching.

OK, I've deleted about four or five paragraphs now, as I'm just ranting and raving.  The special effects are very good - Medusa was icky, from a snake-o-phobe point of view.  The giant scorpions were, er, giant.  The Gods were... shiny.

As "Clash of the Titans" it was shit.  As "Random Generic Greek Myth Movie" it was quite good.  But it'd be like putting a Whopper in a Big Mac box.  They're kind of the same thing, but completely different at the same time.

Biggest irks of the entire movie...  Holy Shit, Hades...  If you're an actor that can do an "evil voice" at least don't use the EXACT SAME "evil voice" as you do in previous movies.  Honestly, was that Hades, or was it Voldemort?!  And poor old Persius...  He saved the day, saved the princess (who he told to piss off), and as a reward, poor Persius gets.... no, not his dead family back that he's been whining about through the WHOLE movie, but some bint that knocked him over while they were having a merry old jaunt on the River Styx.

*snort growl*

I think I need my medicine...

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