Fair's Fair...

I think, following the antics of my brush with DEATH yesterday, I should clear up some facts about the creature involved.

What I saw:

What it was:

I'm sorry.  But even THAT is completely and utterly terrifying and I can't believe I am even posting it...  That, for the uninitiated, is a Slow Worm.  It's not technically a snake, but still...


And I'm sweating again :(

I think this is quite amusing however:

Protected species in the UK

In the United Kingdom the slow worm has been granted protected status, alongside all other native British reptile species. The slow worm has been decreasing in numbers, and under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to intentionally kill, injure, sell or advertise to sell them.
I'm considering reporting the damn cat for attacking it. Of course, I am... ha... happy... to say, when Mr Neighbour Man remove it, it slithered off to where ever it wanted, alive and well, back to whatever Satanic Pit it came from.  A bit punctured and missing its tail, but alive. I'm still going to frame up the damn cat.

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4 Responses to “Fair's Fair...”

Nancy Jensen said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You crack me up! I knew you were afraid of snakes but a SLOW WORM? I remember you posting on chdp something about when you see a snake you "run away like a big hairy girl" end quote. I liked that expression... I just didn't realize how true it really was. And it's hilarious that the little critter is protected and against the law to kill it. Maybe your cat will bring you another juicy BIGGER "snake" next time. Mwhahahahaha!

Anonymous said...


I also had an unwelcome visitor tonight.

Anonymous said...

I said to Peter I bet it was slow worm even before you said it was ha ha ha.

Funny how you were not scared of the one that lived in our bedroom in an ice cream tub when we were kids!!!

Gemma -x-

Posh Totty said...

Im not laughing .... Much ;O)