Musical Monday #86 - Wish You Were Here

If there's one word people use guaranteed to make me cringe, it's Chillax.  "You should totally chillax" or "I'm just going to chillax later" are phrases that make me cringe.  BUT before everyone starts telling me to chillax... It makes you sound like a bigger plank than you already are for using it.

So ha.

I like to chill out and I like to relax, but this fad-shit-craze of taking two words and squidging them together makes me want to pull out peoples eyeballs and replace them with grenades, a la Tom and Jerry.  Brangelina, Jedwood, ConLibs, Chillax....

Now this may seem a strange way to start a Musical Monday post, but it's mainly because of YouTube comments.  As a rule, I don't read them.  The whole section needs to be burnt and the stake and then buried in lead.  But this song - Wyclef Jean, Wish You Were Here - is a lovely song.  And when getting the embed code, I noticed how many people love to chillax to this song.

I'm going to go find those people now.  I have some eyeball-shaped grenades to insert...

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