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I am quite a confident geek.  I will happily pop most things open, have a look at the gubbins innards and gizzards, just to see what makes it tick.  Even as a wee nipper-geek, I could be found trying hide the missing parts I'd just removed from various household item while performing delicate "How does that work?"

Yes, I spent a great deal of my childhood getting told off.  But, in my defence... Er...

*cough* Anyway, my point is, is that usually I am quite happy to pull them apart and see what's what.  I'm especially happy to pull things apart that aren't working correctly.  However, there are something things that I really don't like playing with.  Mainly, I don't like engines or things that require explosive fuel to run.

I mean, honestly, can you see ME playing around with something full of petrol?

The other items I am not too happy about playing with, are televisions.  The horror stories I have heard from my old mum about the crap in old CRT-type televisions put me off years ago.  Since then, I've never really paid much attention to them.  I get how they work, but that's about it.  With the advent of the different types of television - Rear Projection, LCD, Plasma, LED...  Well, I don't have much clue really.

A few days ago, Kellie was given her neighbours old Samsung LCD TV.  Very nice, very pretty.  So, in true geek style, it's now up in Kellies bedroom.  Very very nice.

However.  And there's always a "however".  For some reason, there's a strange blob in the middle of the screen.  It's not damaged, it's just a slightly strange shade of green.  And it's not the whole screen, it's kind of like a giant tic-tac shape in the middle...

Here's a picture - now it's not very clear, but I have NO idea what it could be, and it's more visible depending the scene of the program we're watching...

HOPEFULLY you can see that green smear.

Now, I've had a Google-poke around, but am really struggling to find anything.  Being that it's LCD, it's apparently very hard to get burn in.  But it doesn't look like anything that could have burnt in.  I've popped the bulb out and checked that, and it's fine, clear of all dust and dirt and everything else.  I've messed with the colour settings, contrast, brightness, hue, saturation... No joy.  I've given it a thump on the top.  Nope.  I've checked different connections - two Scart, an A/V, and two computers. Nothing.  It's not the connectors, so it's either A) The screen, or B)... I don't know.

So, geeks of the world, give me some suggestions.  Tell me what's wrong and what can be done with it.  I know someone must have a suggestion. 

Help please!

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2 Responses to “Geek Assistance”

Anonymous said...

Our LCD gets burn in - we quite often have the Disney Channel logo sitting on the screen when we are not on that channel lol.

It could be (and I am probably totally wrong here) that someone has pressed hard on that area and so damaged the screen like that (bit like when you press the screen on your laptop and get a rainbow of colours). I can ask Peter when he finally gets up.


P.S. I walked past Kellie's shop yesterday twice and was a good girl and didnt go in :o) I did however stand in the doorway with Zoe watching the stuff at the front and she didnt even notice us tut tut.

Dan said...

So far, the consensus is someone has applied pressure to the screen. The previous owner said it was fine before, but one of her friends mentioned it might need "aligning" or something... Not a clue really ;) Am going to see if I can get a reaction out of it tonight...

So if 0ddness goes quiet, it means I blew myself up!

As for the shop, well done... Chances are you were being ignored. I popped past yesterday and was definitely NOT . I got sworn at, but not ignored ;)