Musical Monday #85 - Baby Baboon

I decided this week I'd go for a change of pace.  In fact, I've gone from old or new songs to something nice and random.

For many years, I have loved stuff by a chap named Weebl.  He does strange little animations, songs, even a few different series of cartoons.  Some of you may have heard of Weebl and Bob, or On The Moon.

If you live in the UK and watch TV, chances are you HAVE seen stuff by him.  The Cadbury Creme Egg ads with the egg topping itself?  That's him.  The Yellow Pages 118-247 ad?  That's him too.  Though that one annoys the living pi$$ out of me, thanks to him taking one of his best animations, and selling it to a big fat company.

Still, I digress.

This one is only short - the video actually loops a couple of time on this YouTube thingie, but no matter :D

Enjoy.  Oh, and no lyrics - you won't need them ;)

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