Musical Monday #84 - Imma Be

Now, I know I often proclaim that I like pretty much ALL music, I really really struggle with RnB, and I really really really struggle with Country Music.

That said, I do have some RnB type music that I do like.

In fact, hold that thought...  To be honest, I don't know for sure what RnB is, and know there are so many different branches of it... So if this song isn't true RnB, apologies.  But it's a label that works for now ;)

Where was I?  Oh yes...  I do have some RnB type music that I do like.  Quite often, when I like A song by a group, I like more of their music.  Black Eyed Peas are no exception, and Imma Be is another of theirs that I enjoy.  It's a long-arsed song, but the video is pretty cool too ;)

Yes yes, I appreciate a lot of you won't like it, but so be it :D

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One Response to “Musical Monday #84 - Imma Be”

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