Chaos (Day 4)

I am happy to report, from the outset, that Mr Sparks is no longer present.  I cannot confirm or comment on whether or not he A) Finished his work, or B) Ended up under the patio.

But I digress.

The mess here is really really getting to me now.  Of course, I am also now at the point where I am losing the plot, not entirely sure which day it is, and whether or not I've missed something.  I was so stressed out again yesterday (Wednesday) that I spent the entire day ignoring the world and doing other stuff.  I even made a futile gesture at clearing up again.

Mr Sparks finished up Tuesday evening, but his legacy lives on.  The fitter downstairs keeps having to alter and adjust things to work around Sparks' errors.  Wonky sockets, misaligned conduit, sockets in the wrong places - DESPITE there being a plan to be followed.

With him out of the picture now, the fitter was able to crack on and just work.  In the space of a day, by Tuesday evening, he had built almost all the kitchen, replumbed it, worked around the conduit and sockets, and the bombsite looked like a kitchen once more...

Kitchen, 08/06/2010 @ 1800

Wednesday - missing Kellie as it was our Anniversary and I only got to spend a little time with her in the morning - I could be found upstairs, nose in laptop, trying to find something, anything to keep me from the mess around me.  Downstairs, I knew he was working hard, and every time I went back, it looked better and better.  By the time he was done, it was almost a kitchen again.  Tiles on the wall, units with doors (bar one, which they forgot to deliver!), washing machine back in place (not plumbed in though, just in case!) and pretty much looking like a kitchen.

Kitchen, 09/06/2010 @ 1730

All that remains in there now, is for the tiles to be grouted, the walls and ceiling to be painted, and then the appliances can go back in. Yes, the washing machine is wonky - I need to adjust the feet. Then it's handles on and I can set to getting some sense of normality back down there.

And then the bathroom/loo will be destroyed! Baby steps... That's all I keep thinking, baby steps and it'll be done.

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