Interesting Sport

As you may have guessed from previous posts, I don't do sport.  I don't watch it, and I certainly don't play it.  That's not to say I'm not sportingly minded - just none of it really catches my eye, as it were.

The other night, we were sat watching a random comedy-panel-type show, but from Ireland.  They made reference to something called "Hurling" which I'd never heard of before.  The reference was something along the lines of "Hurling players are so tough, you could hit them with a JCB and they'd be OK"

Now, we were intrigued but perplexed.  What the hell was Hurling, and why were these people - allegedly - so tough.  So we had a Google, as you do, and were both surprised and impressed with the results.

The long and short of it is...  Get a load of blokes built like rugby players.   No, scratch that, get a load of rugby players.  Give them what appears to be a rugby pitch, and the goal posts have both rugby goal posts (at the top) and a football goal (at the bottom).  Now you've got your very large men on a large field - men, I should add, that are quite capable of killing one another with their bare hands - now give them all A LUMP OF WOOD WITH A SPADE-END.  Add to the mix what appears to be a baseball, and tell them to go.

Now, from watching the video - which I will put on here in a sec - it would appear the rules of rugby still apply, but instead of throwing a large egg at one another, you throw a wooden ball - alternatively, you can use your Wooden Blade of Death, and smash the ball further away...

Oh, and aside from crash helmets, these boys don't wear any protective gear.

So yes, they probably could be hit by a JCB and keep on Hurling ;)  Have a watch, and tell me - regardless of the rules - how amusing it looks!

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