Meanwhile In Devon...

You may remember, back in February, Kellie and Myself trundled across the country to stay in the deepest darkest wilds of Devon.  Her little brother lives down there, and between work and looking after his pregnant missus, they decided to move house.

OK, the grammar in that sentence sucks...  But anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, Kellie sends me a news story by email and phones me to tell me to check my mail.  Knowing this would be something interesting, I pop open my mail, click the link, and read the following news story...
One person injured in helicopter crash in Newton Abbot

It is thought the helicopter hit power lines in the accident, in the the Poundsgate area of Newton Abbot.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service crews were called to the scene at 1748 BST. They are absorbing fuel spilled from the aircraft.

The power lines have been switched off and the injured person has been airlifted to hospital. No-one else was involved in the crash.

The helicopter crashed near the Tavistock Inn.

'Big bang'

Landlady, June Hamill said: "I heard a helicopter come across and it was a bit low and hit the power cables and disintegrated.

"It was a big bang and as it hit the power cables the rotaries came off and landed everywhere, and it [the helicopter] just tipped into the field.

"They [paramedics] pulled him out and saw to his wounds, then the air ambulance, fire engines and police cars all came up soon afterwards.

"He had a big cut on his head and other cuts but he was sitting in a chair and they kept him talking."

The emergency services closed the road while debris from the helicopter was cleared away.
Now, the more astute of you will guess where this is going...  Poundsgate is the place James and Kat moved to.  The Tavistock Inn is the rather lovely country pub we spent a little while in while visiting.  But wait...

The "field" the helicopter crashed into is actually James' back garden.  Only a dozen feet from their six-foot tall gas canister.  The power lines - yep, that's their electric.  The landlady - that would not only be Kat and James' employer - but also Kats aunt.

Now, Poundsgate is a proper "Village in the Middle of Nowhere" deal, and is literally some houses... sorry, cottages, a pub, a phone box and a couple of bus stops (for their weekly bus service!).  NOT the place to be crashing anything, let alone a helicopter with whirling blades of spinny death.

To get an idea of the village, consult this map, which you will need to clicky to embiggen:

X: James & Kats cottage - which Kellie and Myself helped decorate.
Y: The Tavistock Inn.
Z: The field/garden/crash site.
All very nice. And, incidentally, that map IS Poundsgate in it's entirety!

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