Temporary Patriotism

I've moaned mentioned before that something that narks me in England is the random bursts of Patriotism people seem to have.  Everyone pisses and moans about the country, how it's going to the dogs and all the rest of it.  On the other hand, there are times that you have to wonder what The Powers That Be are thinking when, every now and then, people are asked to remove Union Jacks or St George's Crosses in case it offends those from elsewhere in the world.

However, if you want people to be proud to be British, it's quite simple.  Tell the country that England are playing in some football tournament.

Now, I've never made any bones, but football is sooo depressingly dull that I cannot stand it.  "Oh but they're representing your country!" people tell me.... Yes, I'm sure these people with inflated egos, wives/girlfriends with inflated busts, and even bigger pay cheques are playing because they want to represent their country.  See how many of these "professional" players keep playing if you tell them they're not getting paid...

But I digress.

Everywhere you look at the moment, people are donning Red & White clothes with football slogans, people have flags flapping outside their houses, and cars are bedecked with the Red & White cross of St George.

Because a handful of blokes are going abroad to play other handfuls of blokes from other countries.

Now, I GET being proud of your country, I really do.  I am proud to be English, and am proud of the things the country has achieved, and if people say "You're from the UK" I tell them I am from England.

But surely if people are patriotic to the point of putting up flags, these flags should be up ALL the time?  Why does it take a football game to trigger patriotism?  Every time the World Cup comes about, the flags go up, the songs get re-re-re-released, the pubs show all the games, and then, invariably, England gets kicked out the cup.

And the flags come down.

Four years ago, the same thing happened, and in a few weeks time it will happen again.

Be Patriotic, love your country - just not every now and then ;)

And for those of you that insist on decking your car out...  Consider this text message I received:
After extensive research amongst English men there are two sizes of penis. Those that fall in the 'normal' range, and those less than three inches.

Scientists studying this phenomena have asked for your help with this research. If you have an extremely small penis please display a white flag with a red cross on your car.

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One Response to “Temporary Patriotism”

Anonymous said...

at the end of the day we have the poppy appeal for like 1 month to remember the soldiers that died in the war and how they fought for the right for people to have freedom of speech etc just coz we have poppies out for 1 months of the year does not mean that people forget what it means the rest of the year so therfor people shouldn't have to have their flags out all year round to support their country and i think what i have said is fair and thats my piece!

Everyone has their own views and opnions and views and opinions are not wrong if we all agreed on the same thing then life would be boring.