I am a migraine suffer.  Most people know this, some have even seen me when I am suffering.  For the last couple of years, I've noticed they've been somewhat less and less, but in recent months, they are definitely making a come-back.

Usually I know when they are coming on - sometimes I can have a couple of days notice.  I can feel them building, and the sure-fire way to tell, is the stench that my brain tells me I am smelling.  Excrement, no less.  The aroma of shite.  THAT'S how I know they are coming.

Yesterday afternoon, I kept catching the smell, and despite knowing what it was, I still tried looking for the source.  Both kids confirmed there was no gross smell in the room - nor in every room I walked into.  I drank a load of water just in case it was a touch of being dehydrated, and went to bed hoping that it's pass over night.

It didn't.

I woke up this morning with the left side of my brain feeling like it was trying to push out the side of my skull.  Great, I thought.  I was hoping to take the kids up to Langdon Hills for the day, but that plan soon evaporated.  Luckily, I'd not told the kids we were going out - I told them today was a lazy day.

I tried to focus on other things, listening to music, watching a DVD with Tam, but it built and built until the sweats and the shakes started.  I resorted to my Sumatriptain, my anti-migraine medication, but it didn't even remove the nausea.  I felt like hell.

I took a couple of Paracetamol & Codeine, and flopped on the sofa, where I promptly passed out.  The kids have seen me like this before, I told Jaysen what was going on, and he put on his "I'm In Charge" mantle.

An hour later, I was in the loo being sick as a dog.  It was all I could do to walk back into the lounge, collapse on the sofa and pass out again.

Next thing I know, it's nearly four in the afternoon, the kids are sat eating Ham Sandwiches and watching a DVD.  The headache is still there, but now it's just a headache and nothing else.  My stomach feels all hollow from being sick, and I feel quite woozy from having not eaten today, but the thought of food is not that appealing at the moment.  Both kids are so good for me when I'm poorly.  They're quite, they don't run around shouting, they don't do noisy things, they literally sit near me and entertain themselves.

Though, I HAVE noticed a pile of glitter on the back door step... Wonder where else it might be!

So, that's my fun-packed day so far.  If anyone knows of any decent meds to fight migraines, I am open to suggestions.  I've been on Sumatriptain which should stop them building, and if not, they should reduce the effects.  No joy with them any more.  I've been on Atenolol which is a blood pressure medicine, which is to try stop them happening altogether, but still no joy.  Paracetamol & Codeine (Cocodamol) don't really do a lot either, but then, they're for my back and legs.

Suggestions please!

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7 Responses to “Migraines...”

Lynzi said...

Can't help you I'm afraid, feels pointless to me to take any medication when a migraine strikes cos nothing touches it, only a dark room and sleep helps. I don't have much warning for mine, just visual disturbances half an hour before it cracks my skull in two :(

Dan said...

That's how I've gotten, meds aren't touching them, and I have to pass out, either in a dark room, or with a pillow over my head. The pillow serves to A) cause darkness and B) mute sounds ;)

Lynzi said...

Yeah I do the same but just have it over my eyes, otherwise I feel like I'm suffocating lol. Thankfully I'm over it within a day, god knows how I'd cope if it lasted longer.

Posh Totty said...

I heard something about migraines not so long ago and thought of you actually, I've been meaning to tell you for weeks now. Its a bit complicated so I will ring you in the week Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, it's ye olde mucker Jay, Naomi has been prescribed Amitryptoline ( Spelling?), which she takes before she goes to bed and this stops any headache turning into a migraine. It kinda works but Noami sometimes wakes with a headache, luckily the aforementioned medication enables her to keep it at bay with just paracetamol, most of the time.


Dan said...

Thankee Kindly Miss Posh :D

Cheers Jay :) However, Amytriptyline is an awful drug. I was prescribed it a few years back, and it completely zombified me. It'd knock me out for 14 hours - but not sleep, more like unconsciousness - and then I'd spend the day drooling in the corner. Tried my hardest to stick with it, but I didn't get any better. Surprised they prescribe it for migraines though - my doc gave it to me as a painkiller and antidepressant, which is what it was designed for in the fifties. It's main use these days is for kids wetting the bed, and to help people that have had facial re-constructive surgery!

simon said...

The best way to relieve symptoms is to immerse yourself in a very hot bath as soon as you begin to feel your migraine coming on.
Turn the lights off or have only a low light (a candle perhaps, placed out of your line of sight) and make the bath as deep as you can and as hot as you can stand. This can give almost instant, miraculous relief, although symptoms will return if you come out of the bath too soon.
Most importantly, you must keep your extremities immersed so that the skin reddens; and you must keep topping up the hot water. Whatever the reason for the relief of symptoms, it does work, and it doesn’t rely on drugs - there are no harmful side-effects. And it has the advantage of being immediate - or as soon as you can get the water heated! Permanent relief may take a couple of hours or more, so a little olive oil added to the water will help prevent your skin drying out.
When you get out of the bath, don’t pull the plug: you may feel okay, but wait a few minutes to see whether your headache is going to return.

- Simon