Rather Crap Night

Ok, so this ISN'T me. I can tell that this ISN'T me on account that the person in this picture is Tam.

However, the biggest giveaway is the fact that Tam is asleep. Something last night that just did NOT want to happen. I went to bed at about eight as I felt crap. By nine my legs and back were screaming in pain. And i'm out of painkillers :(

By half nine I felt like I had the flu running around my body, and my stomach was knotting up. I really felt like shit.

I fidgeted and wiggled around for hours. Tried warm milk, tried plain Paracetamol, had a wander around the house, listened to music, listened to rain sounds...

It must have been sometime around three that I managed to flake out, but my body being my body, it decided six AM was an excellent time to wake up. Strangely, the flu-feeling has gone, but i'm still REALLY sore and still have a stomach ache. And i'm shattered...

Maybe tonight i'll sleep. But first, to the doctor for DRUGS!

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