Oooh New Do

Kellie - who is off to Devon on Sunday for a week without her #1 Guy to see her brother, sister in law and new baby nephew - took the plunge today.  Deciding she needed to do something different with her hair, she had an appointment at a swanky hair salon (That's just a posh way of saying "hair dressers" chaps!) where she had a consultation with the stylist (the hairdresser asked how she wanted her hair cut), and almost two hours later, emerged a completely different lass.

So different, in fact, Tamsyn struggled to recognise her!!

How sexy is my sexy girl ;)

Funny moments of the afternoon - me sat watching, every time someone went past, they offered me a cup of tea.  I must have looked SOOOO bored watching her get chopped.  And of course, who can forget the look I received...  Kellie was given a card to recommend a friend.  The woman said "As you're a new customer, you can give these cards to anyone that might be interested in getting their hair done -" and she looked straight at me "- if they want to get it cut or trimmed or styled..."

Subtle, much!

Anyways, my girl looks gorgeous.  They've cut loads out, layered it, thinned it (a hell of a lot too!) and done other things to it that involved lotions and potions.  In two weeks, she having the colour stripped out, then a new colour put in - lighter I think - then highlights.

It's all go go go ;)

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3 Responses to “Oooh New Do”

Posh Totty said...

Looking good Kellie :O)

So Dan, when you having yours done?

Kellie said...

Aw thank you Posh, I was so nervous. It has been so long since I have been to an actual hairdressers or Salon,I normally go over to my Aunts, and all eyes are on you which I find really nerve racking......he hee. Really pleased with the results though. Can,t wait to go back and get it lightened....exciting. I am going to try and book Molly in for a treat too, she would love all the

Glad you like it baby. Thank you for coming with me.... Love You. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Its lovely. How did you find doing it yourself afterwards? Mine never looks like it does when the professionals do it. Maybe I should have my hair done rather than getting my lovely mummy to cut it for me lol. Should make a girlie day of it :o) Dan you can babysit!