"Find Me A Song?"

You know me, your friendly 0ddness author... Happy to do anything for anyone, and am quite happy for people to pick my brains if need be.  Granted, that is often a very short picking session, but none the less, the offer is always there for people.

Every now and then, someone will message me with a question about a movie or a song, the latter coming in the form of "I just heard a song with the lyrics 'I don't mind, I think so' and they mentioned Michael Caine" at which point I will either have a Google, or perhaps even know the song in question.

Oh, and that's Liquido - Narcotic, and the Michael Caine reference is actually "My Cocaine"

But anyway.  Sometimes, the request is rather, shall we say, random...  For instance, Jennifer text me yesterday:

"Random question and not sure about your musical knowledge, but there's a song that has 'do do do' in it, starts with a talking intro, something like I woke up this morning and...  NEED to know what it's called!"
So, possibly being a glutton for punishment, I made some assumptions, and headed to various chart sites where you can listen to samples of songs. Forty songs, I went through. Well, maybe less than that, as I knew some of them. 

Having little zero luck, I asked if it's a newish song.  "Oh no, it's quite old, and even used as the backing in some clubby-garage-type music"

Arse.  So I'm Googling every aspect of "do do do" "spoken intro" "woke up this morning" "club or dance or garage remix"

Strangely, nothing...

So, thinking she could shed a little more than NO light whatsoever on it, I thought maybe she'd heard it on the radio, and asked which station she heard it on...  "Nope, not the radio, but I listen to Heart"

And you know what... I've STILL not found that song.  But now... NOW it's driving me mental.  So, can anyone of you out in Blogland solve the mystery?  Here's what we know:
  • It has "do do do" in it;
  • It has a talking/spoken intro;
  • It mentions something like "I woke up this morning and...";
  • It's an oldish song;
  • It has been used in club music as the backing track.
Good luck!

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One Response to “"Find Me A Song?"”

Anonymous said...

This one http://www.metrolyrics.com/woke-up-this-morning-lyrics-a3-alabama-3.html

No do do do mind.

OR this one