Musical Monday #93 - I Want To Be A Hippy

OK, more often than not when I get a Musical Monday "Ooooh You Should Do THIS Song" I tend to ignore them.  Mostly, I've A) Never heard of what they are suggestion, or B) It's such an awful song I can't bare to do it.

However, last week, The Sween suggested I do a song following the theme from Awful Music from the 90s, and his suggestion is a doozy.

The funny thing is, Technohead - I Want To Be A Hippy was one of those songs that I honestly cannot remember if I liked or hated.  NOW I think it's... well, actually I don't know.  When it started I thought "Oh my crap it was THIS bad?!" and then a short time later, I found myself tapping my foot and remembering that yes it WAS this bad, but it was one of those songs you couldn't help listen to.

I'm pretty certain that most of you will hate it, but while I umm'd and arr'd I decided it did in fact need posting!

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3 Responses to “Musical Monday #93 - I Want To Be A Hippy”

Dan said...

WHY did this post today, on a Sunday? I'll tell you why. Because I'm a plank, that's why!


I accidentally posted this the other day too, but deleted it pretty sharpish... Ho hum!

Kim said...

Aww never mind Dan, call it a brain fart. I have them all the time lol

The Sween! said...

I completely forgot about this song until I was up north in Stoke after a night out & went into this kebab shop when my mate had the munchies & this was playing and I said "CHOOOOOON!"

Also cheers for the mention & the post!