Musical Monday #94 - Club Can't Handle Me

It's not often that yours truly posts a recent song, let alone a song that has only just come out.  However, where Kellie has been down in Devon this week, I've been flitting and farting all over the place, and ended up in the 0dd Sisters lounge on a couple of occasions.

If the girls aren't watching TV, then usually one music channel or another is on.  When I was on the phone to her one morning, she asked me to wait while she and the girls danced to a song.  Fair enough.  Then when I got there, it came on again, and it was quite catchy - Tam enjoyed it too.

Now, it's sort of following me.  Whenever I get in Gemma or Petes car, it comes on the radio.  And now I'm addicted to it.  Love the beat, love the song in general!

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me

And yes, it IS now Monday and I am posting a song on the correct day. Go me :D

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