Musical Monday #97 - Love The Way You Lie

Hmmm, I realise that last week I made a comment about Rap & RnB not really being my cup of tea... And then I see I'm posting a song by a rapper and an RnB singer.  Oops.

However, as I said last week, a decent vocalist and a decent rapper tend to make a very good combination, and yet again, I've got a song that really does something for me.  As is usually the case, it's not about the song lyrics, I like the song, as a whole :)

Generally, aside from one or two songs, I am not a Rihanna fan, but I do enjoy a lot of Eminems songs.  This one though always gets me tapping my foot or - worse - nodding my head in time to it.  Even more amusing when I'm on a bus and don't realise what I'm doing...

OK, so I prolly look like a mental.  Nothing new there then ;)

Edit: Apparently the video I linked was broken as YouTube had taken it down, so here's a working version ;)

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