Oooh New Do #2

You may remember a few weeks back - well, a couple of weeks back - Miss Kellie had her hair completely redone.  Renovated, in fact.  This was all part of a deal for where she worked, three visits to a proper salon for a reduced price.

Or something.

Well, that first visit was for the consultation, restyle and all the rest of that kind of thing that only women really understand.  And if you're a man that understands, you clearly read too many of those magazines that tell ladies how to trim their bum for summer, the best exercise tips for your sex life, and what us men apparently really want.

But I digress.

At the last appointment, Kellie decided she was going to aim back towards her natural hair colour.  Originally, many years long since gone, she was a blonde.

No, I am refraining from comment.

Then she started dying it black, and it's kinda stayed that way ever since.  So her natural colour has darkened over the years.  In order to go light, she had to have the colour stripped out.  Which was a nightmare.  It took almost two hours and several different treatments to get the dark out of her hair,

Uncoloured/bleached or whatever, she was a rocking Ginger.

Then the highlights went in, and then they applied the dye.  It's called blonde, but it's light brown.  Or so I'm told ;)

We got to the salon earlier at about half twelve.  We walked out at....  FIVE O CLOCK!  Four and a half bloody hours.  My arse didn't just numb, it packed up and left outright.

However, the end result is veeeery nice, and she's very happy with it.  I'm sure the hairdresser stylist is dreading her walking back in again though...

Before they started

After Colour Strip = Ginger!

Highlights being added
Dye Added
The End Result!
Now, I've yet to manage to catch her out and about and not sat rigid and upright - a natural picture of her - as she seems to duck and cover when yours truly cracks out his camera....  Coward!!

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2 Responses to “Oooh New Do #2”

Posh Totty said...

Looking good Kellie, gorgeous colour, are you pleased with it?

Your turn next Dan ;o)

Kellie said...

Hey Posh, Thank you.....
I LOVE IT..... he hee. I was so nervous about having it done, but the end result is great. Was a bit of a shock looking in the mirror the next morning though.... ;)
As for Dan, I think the most we can expect at the mo is a trim....not that I am