Oooh Zombies

I enjoy Zombies.  I love a good zombie film or book or anything undead related.

I couldn't tell you why, mind you.  The end of the world to the Zombie Apocalypse isn't something I think would be much "fun" but the thought of it really intrigues me.

The movies don't necessarily need to be serious either.  Dawn of the Dead is a great movie, but I equally love Shaun of the Dead as well.  British zombie movies are always cool too, being that we're a dinky little island in the middle of a very large puddle.

The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z (also becoming a movie according to rumours!) are two very excellent books as well, "mockumentary" I think is the correct term... A "real" account of the Zombie War and things like that.

So imagine my pure "Squeeeee" joy when I read a couple of months back about a zombie TV series coming out soon.  I was a bit concerned it'd be low-budget - people with a bit of black/green/red makeup on shuffling around.  And, of course, there needed to be a plot.  And then even more importantly, I wondered if it'd be toned down to Buffy The Vampire Slayer scariness...

Ie: Not.

While plonking around the intarwebz today, I saw someone mention a trailer for The Walking Dead, found a link and, low and behold - This content is not available in your country.  Pfft, this is the internet, there's no such thing ;)

So another poke around and I found a reeeeally crap copy on YouTube.  Had another poke about and voila!

Bare in mind, if you a wee kid or of faint-heart or a bit of a girl that doesn't like brain munching undead types, you might NOT want to click play. I do, however, suggest you make it full screen - I only resize for "Fitting on the Blog" purposes...

My first impression.... Very nice, decent zombies, decent End of the World look about it.  A niggle would be it seems like they've lifted the entire start of 28 Days Later, but then, there aren't too many ways to dump an audience into a situation that the protagonist has found himself dumped in.  All new to him, so all new to the viewers.  Season One appears to be just six episodes.  Hopefully it's not just going to be a mini-series and end right there.

I'm hoping for decent things from this show.  I am sooo done with arty farty swoony Vampire movies and shows, with dark brooding bloodsuckers in shows made for girls.  Zombies.  Evil, nasty dirty.  PROPER undead.

Though if any of them glitter or sparkle in the sunlight, there will be blood...

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4 Responses to “Oooh Zombies”

Lynzi said...

That looks really good, I shall be keeping my eyes open for that ;)

P.S. Have you watched Zombieland Dan?, if not I highly recommend you do so, its brilliant :)

Dan said...

Dagnabbit, I replied to this but Blogger replied with "You have been logged out"


Anyways, thank you for that - I've not seen it, never got around to it, but will have to get my hands on it and have a lookie-see :D


Lynzi said...

No probs, you wont be disappointed, Bill Murray has a short Cameo role in it as himself, people end up dressed up as the Ghost Busters...... need I say more?? lol

Stuart Wilson said...

I've been following this for ages now. If you get a chance, read the comics - Sad I know, but I have them all, and they're brilliant.