Cleaning Up A Bit

Being that the last week has been rather... Hectic... My body is officially dead.  I was knackered by Saturday, Sunday was pushing past death, and Monday had stuff to do.

So today I feel like I've been hit by a steam roller, which went over me a few extra times, just to make sure.


So, sat on my blubbery behind, I am pottering about on the laptop.  I've spent an hour or so going through my Google Reader subscriptions, deleting everything that no longer exists, or leads to a place that's not been updated for a year or more.

All tidy now!

Next up is my link list over there to the right.  It's grown steadily over the last few years, but I often get told "Link X is dead!" so now I'm going to go through them all and have a tidy up.

If you have a blog on there and see it's removed, it is either because you've not updated in a year or more, or your site no longer exists.  Please feel free to tell me your new URL or whatever so I can put it back! 

Let the purging commence!!

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One Response to “Cleaning Up A Bit”

Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't you whether you ever linked me, but if you did I resent being purged.