It's Ma Burfday!

Yesterday saw me mark the milestone of my 34th year of existence.  For thirty four years, I have managed to not only evade Mr Death, but also evade being murdered by people I know, associate with or generally take the piss out of...

No mean feat, really, for something that is as accident-prone as myself, not to mention someone as gobby as myself.  So many times I've said or done something so stupid, it's a wonder I've walked away from it.

Yesterday, in true Dan-style, I told Kellie that I don't want a fuss, don't need pressies or spoiling or anything else...  I don't like or need a fuss and am quite content to have those I love around me.  What more could a guy want, honestly?

However, in true Kellie-style, she answered with Uh Huh and set to completely ignoring me and doing what she wanted to do for my birthday.  So, once I rolled out of bed I was instructed to go downstairs and sit.. From the bedroom door, down through the house, there are banners and balloons up everywhere.  The kids were also battering the crap out of one another with spare balloons for good measure.

So I sat, and was handed a mountain of cards from the kids, from the family, from the Kellie...  Well, actually, two from Kellie.  See, she got my card a couple of weeks ago, a "to the one I love" style.  Then after the events of last week, she decided she had to get me a "to my fiancee" card.  Bless.

Then the gifts came.  I have to be honest, I made Kellies life hard with the gift buying.  When she asked what I wanted, I honestly couldn't say "I want so-and-so" because there is nothing that pops into my mind.  So, she had to make do with things she had seen me looking at, or things I needed.

As usual, she and the kids spoiled me, got me far too much and I feel bad that they got me loads of stuff.

However, the day wasn't over, and with James & Kat down with Baby Harry (Kellies brother, sister-in-law and nephew from Devon) we were heading up to Colchester Zoo for the day.  Very nice.  So we finished getting ready, sorting out picnic bags and such like.

We nearly got there in one trip, though somehow Kellies mum, Diane, managed to miss the twenty-foot sign that said "Colchester Zoo" and we went straight past it.  Oops.

The entire day was spent looking at animals and critters and monkeys - kids included - and we had an excellent time.  Tam - who is already scared of bugs - managed to get stung by a wasp, but after liberal application of "Magic Baby Wipes" and "Magic Cream" by Auntie Kat, she was fine and dandy soon after.

We didn't get in till early evening, and after a quick dinner, we managed to throw the kids to bed, and one of my birthday presents - a bottle of amaretto - we had a nice chilled quiet evening.

Today - Saturday - I am officially knackered, but a bit later, Kellie, the kids and me are heading out once again to meet up with all of Kellies family at a nice restaurant for the afternoon.  Table for TWENTY FIVE, please...

Bring on the steak!

And again, much like my previous post, I find myself having to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone out there.  My Facebook, my email and my mobile received message after message of Happy Birthdays, so to everyone that took the time to wish me a happy birthday, Thank You!  I had a lovely day, and my lovely weekend is continuing!

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2 Responses to “It's Ma Burfday!”

Posh Totty said...

Glad you had a nice birthday, but must admit I did think they were dropping you off with your own kind when you told me you were heading to the zoo hehe!!

The Sween! said...

Happy belated burp-day fella! Glad you had a great day.