Lots of Thanks

This last week has been, shall we say, a wee bit hectic with the "things" front. 

Let's be honest, getting engaged is waaaay up there, and the amount of congratulations we've received has been astounding.  Comments, Emails, Text Messages, Phone Calls...  Pretty much most of my known world has dropped some sort of congratulatory message my - sorry - our way.  To everyone that has sent messages, thank you.  Really, Thank You

Despite my lack of interest in the human race in general, the people I know always disprove my reasoning...  I am beyond lucky to have so many friends out there rooting for my - sorry, our well being and good stuff.  And those two silly little words - Thank and You - seem so... Inadequate? 

I've had people I've not spoken to since school, people I've worked with, people I've not seen in years appearing on Facebook or here, sending me - sorry, us, congratulatory messages.

So again, to everyone that sent a message of some kind, we are both so grateful and appreciative to know that so many people are happy and sending us love, prayers, support and everything else.  Thank you to everyone, and I hope that reading about the plans and stuff in the coming year or three isn't going to bore you to tears!

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