NOW I Feel Old...

Today's the day... Yes folks, it's arrived, the day I actually feel old. Jaysen starts Secondary School today. I can't believe he's in seniors already, but here's the proof. My son, looking smart in his new uniform.

I'm sure there are even some of you reading this thinking "No way, he can't be that old already?" Well, yes way, and yes he is!

He's a little bit nervous, but mainly because he starts properly today - during the summer holidays he attended Summer School there, so knows several of the new intake as well as some of the teachers - plus he's now got a better baring on the school layout - something we never had and were frequently lost when Stuart, Steve, Pete and myself used to push around trying to find our classes ;)

To my Little Man, and you really are now! I'm so proud of you, and can't wait to see how well you're going to do now you're at James Hornsby. As long as you do your very best, that's all I can ask for you to make me happy for you. I am certain you will do brilliantly.

Don't be nervous, just concentrate and listen, and you'll do perfectly. I love you very much Jaysen.

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4 Responses to “NOW I Feel Old...”

Laney said...

He looks so handsome. :) Taylor doesn't start until tomorrow.

g-man said...

I know how you feel, it gets better, but not until after they turn 21. (I know)

Posh Totty said...

Awww bless him, I hope he had a great first day at his new school.

as for you, well, you've always been an old git ;o)

Jodie said...

Jaysen had a wonderful first day of school, they didn't have to do any work hehe!
It was basically a day of being shown around, learning the timetable and where his classes will be and answering questionnaires that show his feelings for bullies etc.
He had a big smile on his face when he came in, so i'm guessing it all went really well, and he made a couple of new friends too.