Official News!

After two years and three months of not being killed by being with Kellie, we have some news!

Short Version: Me and Kellie are officially ENGAGED!

Long Version: Wheeee where do I start?!  Things are excellent wonderful and great, and after a rather - shall we say, hectic - summer, Friday night was the first night we managed to have time to ourselves, minus kids.  In a novel stroke, we decided to head out for the evening - dinner and a movie.  All very grown up - or at least, as grown up as things can be with me around!

So anyway, we were sat waiting for our meal, and Kellie gave me a little card - the size and shape of a credit card - with a little poem about how much she loves me.  Very sweet and very lovely - even if I did feel like a bit of a spanner because I didn't get her anything...  So we had a very nice meal, and relaxed and had a few drinks chilling out without kids.  Very nice.

After our meal, we had a wander through the town to the cinema, and while sitting in there munching on popcorn, she handed me another card - a normal sized one this time around.  Again, a card telling me how much she loves me and similar mushy stuff.  Again, I felt like an idiot because I still didn't have anything for her.  I read it, told her how much I love her too, and we sat and watched a movie.

All in all, we had a lovely night out, didn't get in till late, and the following morning, Kellie had to go to work.  I spent the day pottering around, and when she got in that evening, we were in the kitchen chatting, when Dom came in and tried to open the card to read it.  Kellies expression was one of pure, abject panic.  "Gimmie the card gimmie the card!"

We thought it was highly amusing, but Dom surrendered the card, and Kellie went about her business.  My curiosity, however, was very much piqued. 

That night, before bed, I nipped downstairs under the guise of "letting the dog out" and checked the card.  Opened it up, and there was nothing untoward.  Examined it a bit closer and low and behold, I found a secret message:

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.  I've been thinking about proposing to her for a few months now - it HAS been over two years that we've been together after all!!  However, she not only beat me to it, she gave me the card and I didn't see it hidden back there!


So, being that I didn't just want to saunter up stairs and say "Yeah, alright then..." I took a picture of the message, and said nothing.

The following day - now Sunday - afternoon, I decided I needed to do something, so nipped out to "buy some cooking oil".  And I walked.  And walked and walked.  I couldn't decide what to do - not that I was going to say NO, however, but how I was going to say YES.  I thought about blogs, facebook, a return secret note...  In the end, I opted for sending the picture of the message BACK to her, but simply put "Very much yes!" underneath it.

Of course, Mr Phone did NOT want to cooperate at this point.  I pressed Send Message, and it failed.  I hit retry, and it failed.  After a half dozen attempts, I stripped my phone, pulled all it's bits out, reassembled it, and turned it on - Set Date and Time!

I wasn't actually sure WHERE or WHEN I was, so asked a passer by what time it was.  He gave me the time, and when I asked what DATE it was, he gave me a funny look.  Fair enough.

I hit sent, the picture went, and I grabbed the oil (finally) and headed back.

Halfway back, my phone beeps and her reply was "You sneak! When did you do that?!"

MWAHAHA I caught her off-guard, so fair was fair.  When I got to hers, I knocked on the door, and she opened it - hiding BEHIND the door.  Aw bless, she was all shy...  Her first words to me after I stepped in, our first words as an Engaged Couple?

"I hate you!"


Turns out, she was going to tell me about the message on Friday night, but being that she's as brave as a very unbrave thing, she chickened out... 

No, we've not made any actual plans yet, not decided what's happening, where nor when, but probably looking a two or three years time to give us time to save up and get everything sorted.  And we are all gross and kissified and smoochy smoochy which is probably gross and disgusting, but we don't care :D

Obviously you will be able to track the progress of everything on here, and I am sure that I will find plenty to talk about :D

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4 Responses to “Official News!”

Stuart Wilson said...

Fantastic news!! Congratulations!

Laney said...

Lovely news!

So will you eventually be moving to Canvey, or will Kellie move to Bas?

The HoJo's said...

Awww congratulations, I hope you will all be very happy together :o)


Gina said...

Congratulations!All the very best for the future.x