Funny How It Turns Out...

You know sometimes you have those thoughts of things from your past?  You'll be sitting down quietly, or laying in bed in the dead of night, and something pops into your mind.  I had such a moment a few weeks ago, and kept meaning to blog about it, but, being that I am an ever-so-busy little bee, I'm only now remembering to do it!

So, laying in bed, I was thinking back to my childhood and the pets either I had or - more importantly - my grandparents.  And within a few moments, my mind put one thing together with another, and then a third thing coupled together with a fourth, and...

Oh my goodness.

Both of my grandparents had dogs when we were kids.  My paternal grandmother had a Spaniel, and my maternal grandmother had a German Shepherd.

Their names?

Respectively, Jason and Tam.

Yep, that funny HERCK!? noise your brain just made?  Yep, mine did that too.  So yes, it's funny how things turn out.

PS - no image on here as Blogger is refusing to allow me to upload them.  Normal nor Draft.  DOH.

PPS - Spacing is broken too... What the heck is going on?!

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