Snotty Cow

Dear The-Woman-At-The-Council-This-Morning..

I get it.  I honestly do get it.  However, it shouldn't make you act like a rude, ignorant cow.  I understand that your day to day job probably entails dealing with what some might class as the Dregs of Society.  Hell, I live near some of them, and having to deal with them each and every day probably IS wearing on the old nerves.

But it still does not give you the license to act like a stuck up, aloof hag to everyone that walks in.

I arrived at your council offices this morning after dashing to one side of Basildon, and then back to the other other.  I know what the Council offices are normally like, so I was prepared to sit and wait patiently, and even though I was there early enough to get "Ticket Number 5" I wasn't holding my breath to be seen quite so quickly.

When my number did pop up, I was at your desk in less than 15 seconds, and the fact the chairs in front of you were still tucked in suggested you hadn't dealt with anyone as yet.  The fact you were leaned back in your chair talking to another woman I couldn't see, while nursing a nearly full cup of coffee, also suggested I was your first of the day.

Now, I might be one of your dregs of society, but I am always polite, I was relatively neat and tidy, and I had a smile on my face.

So when you looked across at me and rolled your eyes at my appearance, I was a little taken aback.  I expected "Good morning, how can I help?" but what I got instead was "And what is it you're after?"

I pulled out a chair - no, I hadn't even sat down and you were starting on the offensive - and unfurled my paperwork.  I explained politely that my dog was quite poorly, that she was in with the vets at the PDSA, and that while I was on certain benefits, my most recently letter wasn't at least six months old, and that, if possible, could you please sign this form that they requested I get signed so my rather poorly dog could be treated.

"What form?"

So as I handed you my form - or at least attempted to hand you my form - you leaned back and continued your X-Factor conversation.  So I sat like a penis holding this form across the table.  When you snatched it from me, I was really surprised.

Considering my name and address was right in front of you on both the form AND the computer screen, I don't understand why I then got the third degree.  How many in your property, what benefits are you claiming, how much do you get in a week.... Hellooooo, I'm already ON Housing and Council Tax Benefit - I just needed you to sign the form.

Despite my brain screaming at me to get your coffee and pour it over your keyboard while inserting the mains lead up your arse, I answered politely as usual.  You then started tapping away on your keyboard.

Started, then stopped, to discuss some X-Factor person being deported.  Or something...  You then took my form and wandered off -with your coffee - and disappeared.  No "excuse me a sec" or anything, just wandered off.

You then came back with two copies - mine and a file copy that I had to sign for some reason, and sat back in your chair, and resumed talking about how it's wrong to kick out someone with such talent.

So I stood up, and said thank you very much.  You gave me your nicest "Did I step in shit or you" expression.  So, as I started to leave, I realised I'd left my chair sticking out and popped back into your field of vision.  "Yes?"

"Er, forgot to tuck my chair in..." I said, ignoring your tut as I escaped back into the sunshine.

I get that you probably deal with a truck load of ass-hats in a day, but I am not one of them, and you have CHOSEN your job.  If I interrupted your gossip coffee break at 9.30 this morning, I DO apologise, but if you don't like you job, do us all a favour and kindly


Mr Polite But In A Rush

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One Response to “Snotty Cow”

Posh Totty said...

Hmmm sounds very familiar think the woman has a clone who works here in Poshville too.

Ps. I hope Sally dog is okay Xxx