Rant: Misogynist

This morning, while I was chuckling and minding my own business over my Facebook status, I got a text and then an email telling me to look on my tagboard.

So, like a good person, I trundled over to my blog and had a look down the list, and was quite amused to see the following comment:

"nice to see you're still as sexist and arrogant as you always were. well done. once a misogynist, always a misogynist"
So, not being entirely sure what a misogynist was, I had a quick google, and came back with the following:
"Misogyny is hatred (or contempt) of women or girls. Misogyny comes from Greek misogunia from misos (hatred) and gynē (woman)."
Hmmm, OK so clearly I've pissed someone off somewhere, but to be called a misogynist, I was - to say the least - rather confused.  Hatred or Contempt of women/girls?  Me?

I went into my cbox (tagboard) control panel, and had a look at the IP Address info (Yes, I CAN do that...) and pulled up the info.  Location: Basildon, Essex, UK. Obviously it's someone that knows me in some form or another then.  I wondered maybe that it'd be someone completely random that thought I was someone else.

My next thought was that maybe it was someone I'd sent a joke to this morning by text - possibly sexist, but you know, a JOKE...  I went through the sent list, and the only people I sent it to in Basildon was Gemma (the 0dd sister), my 0ld Mum, and Kellies boss, Diane.  The first two would have told me if I was being a bastard, and Diane knows not to take me seriously.

OK, it wasn't the joke then.

I decided to go through my recent blog posts - the ones visible on the front page when you first fire up the blog.  Me injuring myself, food hankerings, tagged stuff, spammers, poorly Sally, my brain being fried, a joke about kids, wedding stuff, more poorly dog, the snotty cow at the council, and kids vs. grandparents dogs.

Fair enough, so the only thing possible is the snotty cow post - which would have been the snotty bastard post had the person been a man.  The sex of the person in that case means sod-all.

All I can think of is that whoever this woman is - because, let's face it, it's not often that one man will call another a misogynist - is either someone I went to school with, or someone I've worked with.  So let's break that down:

Me and three others - Stuart, Steve an Pete - pretty much always hung out together.  In the same place.  If we weren't at Steves grandparents at lunch time, we were sat in the Crush Hall, in the corner.  Over the years, others started sitting with us - males and females - but at no point were we sexist, arrogant or anything else.  Hell, I had one girlfriend in school...  Generally, I wasn't the sort to chat and flirt with the girls.  Granted, I got on well with a few of them, but that was about it.

College was a computer course, and while pretty much EVERYONE that attended was a "fella" there were a couple of girlies there...  Apparently, including Kellie, but I think my brain has erased that!

In the various jobs I've had over the years, I have never really socialised with the people I work with. Helen from Telewest I still chat with, but that's it.  I never really did "out of work" stuff with people, didn't do the Xmas meals, didn't go to the pub afterwards, didn't go out for lunch with the team...  While at work, I would do whatever needed doing, for whoever needed it doing.  Men or Woman, I never prioritised one over the other.

Which leaves me sort of stuck.  And clearly, sort of stuck with a troll that has NO idea who I am or who I talk with.  My facebook friend list is apparently 263.  Now, while I know most of these people via the internet, and some of them are doubles (because there are some that seem to have two or three profiles for some reason!) MOST of the people on there are females.  The majority of them are heart mums.  A fair few are people that I know personally.  Another big lump are gamers - D&D, WoW, EvE - and the rest are friends and family.  But I would say at a guess, 70-80% are women.  And while I might happen to take the piss and demand they get into the kitchen or whatever, 99.9% of those women do not take me seriously.

At least, I like to think so.

And then there's my daily life routine.  Now, were I a sexist, misogynistic (do you know how hard it is to type that word quickly?!) bastard, I am fairly sure I would not let Kellie go to work - she would stay home, and she would do the hoovering, the laundry, the clearing up, she would sort the kids out, cook the meals, do the washing up and all the rest of it.  Hell, if I were TRULY misogynistic, I'd let her do all that AND go to work.

Granted, I would rapidly be single and/or castrated, but that that is not the point.  I would wait for her to get in from work, get her to make me and the kids dinner, get her to do the hoovering and everything else.  I would NOT, however, get her sat in the chair as soon as she can, get her feet into a bowl of hot soapy water, get her a drink, ask what she wants for dinner...

I get on better with women that I do with men.  Always have done.  I could break down the rhyme and reasoning as to why, but I won't.  Maybe another time.  I am fairly sure there are precisely zero blog posts on here that entail "Me and my manly men friends went to the pub to watch football, got lashed, got a kebab, went home and demanded sex from her indoors" because that IS NOT ME.

My idea of a good night in would consist of either;

- Me and Kellie curled up on the sofa watching TV, or
- Me and Kellie and some friends having a laugh together (ie, Saturday night Poker!)
- Me sat playing some Online Game killing baddies.

I could understand the claim of me being an arse if those three items listed "Me and the Boys" or all three skipped Kellie and were Me Me Me.  In fact, Kellie may not be listed in the last one, but whenever I've played Online games of late, she's been sat beside me, either playing on her laptop, watching TV, or watching me slay the forces of evil.

I would be very interested to know if there are any of my normal readers that think I am genuinely sexist or - bloody word - misogynistic.  You can comment on this post anonymously if you want, but even if you put your name, there won't be any "reprisals" or whatever.  I honestly believe if you don't like my blog, you won't come here, if you didn't like what I wrote, you'd not read it.  I don't like snakes, so I don't watch online videos of the bloody things.  I don't like the feeling of having a needle in my arm, hence I am not a junkie.

So, to Miss Anon (and if you are a fella, I apologise tough), if you think I am that bad a person, so be it.  I don't make you read my blog, and if I truly am that way, at least I put my name beside my posts and don't hide behind the Anonymous Tag of Anonymity.  I'd be very interested to hear your argument and points as to WHY I am this way.  And, sidenote.  If I do find out who you are through other means, and it turns out we know one another on a daily basis, I WILL publish your name here.  Tell me I'm an arse to my face, or bugger off.

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8 Responses to “Rant: Misogynist”

Kim said...

If you'd pissed me off, I'd let you know it was me you pissed off. The fact they remained anoymous kinda defeats the object

Kim said...

*note to self - must learn to proof read before posting

Anonymous said...

Well I always post anon on this comment bit as I can never remember google log ins lol.

I think a certain person from school wrote this OR someone who is your friend to your face! Shame really that they couldnt just say it.

You can be sexist but its a joke and its you. Now piss off and stop sending me texts please!

Gemma (the not-odd sister)

Posh Totty said...

I have no Misogyny issues with you, however next time you spam my phone with hundreds of jokey texts at 8.30am I may be able to find some other choice words to call you ;o) however I would be taking total credit for those words and doing it in person rather than an anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

Far from being misogynistic, I think that deep down, you may possibly BE a woman. ;) So no.

The Sween! said...

Weren't me fella - only time i've seen you is up at A+E!

Clay said...

Hey Dan, I am male and one of your fellow bloggers with a gaming background and didnt know what mysoginistic (sp?) was either, so thanks for teaching me something new :-)
-Clay from Lime Kettles

Dwarf Wench said...

Mysogynistic, never. Downright strange with an evil streak, definitely! We wouldn't change that either :)