They Keep Tryin'

I love me some spammers...

Dear Friend,

My name is Williams Cole; a staff of a well-known bank here in the United Kingdom.

It might interest you to know I have an urgent feasible business proposal inline with our mutual and economic interest that’s worth the sum of GBP15, 000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Great British Pounds).

Your anticipation will spur me to discuss at length, I await your anticipated response.

Best Regards,

Williams Cole
Now let's face it, there is no way on this planet this banana has English as his first language. I am thinking more along the lines of, he has English as his default language on whatever software translator he is using, or, at a push, his Great Aunt has a smattering of English skills to her name, and has helped him write it. Plus, I suspect where ever he is from, he doesn't understand the concept of Forename-then-Surname... Williams Cole?

Methink he should be Cole Williams.

And of course, there are assholes like me that just can't help clicking reply...
Mr Cole,
I'd be interested, but I was always taught "There's not such thing as a free ride" or, to put it another way "there's no way to safely get a share of £15million without going to jail"

Unless you have a better plan.


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