Bethys Birthday

Yesterday, being January 15th, I pretty much had two options for the day: wallow and feel sorry for myself, or find something to do and think nice things...

Lucky for me, I have a wonderful girlie in Kellie, so she planned the day for me so I didn't have to use my silly man-brain too much.

Not that there's much danger of that happening anyway, but still, just in case...

The day didn't get to a brilliant start as, like normal, I didn't sleep well and ended up getting out of bed at half five and sat in the living room thinking about my little angel. I did my blog post and then just after seven, Kellies brain told her she was alone in bed and woke her up, so she came down with me, made me a cuppa and gave me a cuddle.

Over the next hour, Dom and Molly woke up and got sorted, and I sort of pottered around to myself, my mind focused on Bethy. At some point, Dom went to spend the weekend with his dad, and the future 0dd Mother-in-Law collected Mo. Being a smelly boy, I also opted to shower and shave... I also popped out somewhere but honestly can't think where or why... When I returned, Kellie had made some toast and Hot Cross Buns. Om nom nom.

We then headed off up to Bethys garden. We stopped off at a florist and got loads of flowers; pinks, purples, whites, all very pretty. Cleared some grass trying to grow over her garden, took off some dead leaves and Kellie sorted the flowers out.

I still don't know what it is about the garden, but I struggle up there. I'm pretty sure it's because I don't go often enough, but it physically and mentally hurts. I know she's not up there, that it's a place for us to go, but none the less...

The weather yesterday was strange. It wasn't cold, but the wind was mental and thankfully the rain held off. We stood up there for a while being buffeted in the wind, Kellie looking after me, then took a walk back to Pitsea where I decided I needed to eat, so we hit Subway.

I don't think I've ever been in one before, maybe once in my life, but every time the woman said "would you like so-and-so in that for an extra cost?" I just said yes... I was hungry, and ended up with a foot-long barbecue rib with extra rib, loads of salad, sauce, and cheese! Think it cost the earth but so be it, it was yummy ;) Kellie wimped out and had a standard size with standard fillings. Lightweight.

From there, we headed home. We were planning on going out later, but the offer of a lift over to the Festival Leisure Park, again from Kellies mum, saw us leaving early.

So we hit the pub... Kinda sorta a mistake. Usually, we drink Jack Daniels and coke, but pubs being tight bastards, they don't fill the glass to the top with coke, so we ask them to fill it up. Every time we ask, they are happy to oblige. This place, however, obliged - then the cheeky bastards charged for an extra coke! So, we had a drink, had some nibbles and stalled there till it was time to eat.

We saw a while ago that a new restaurant had opened, Deans Diner, one of these American themed 50s style places. Got a table right away, got drinks no problem, ordered food and it was all very nice... Just, I don't know. We agreed the food was delicious, but for what we had and what we paid. The most amusing thing was the side of fries we had to share - there must have been thirty fries in that bowl. £3.

Still liked I say, it was very nice.

Most of us have seen Pulp Fiction? Sorry if you've not, but anyway, the scene in the diner there (Jack Rabbit Slims), she orders a five dollar shake. This place last night did something similar and with the exchange rate being how it is, this too was a five dollar shake! The flavor?


And oooh my goodness was it worth it. Kellie didn't think so but then she's a heathen.

A note to those going to BasVegas to eat: we got there at five and the place was pretty quiet. By six it was heaving and packed and people we queuing for tables, so be warned ;)

From there we headed to the cinema and got our barrel of drinks and buckets of popcorn. Turns out Empire in Basildon have new screens - studio screens they call them with new high-def sound, video and what not. Smaller rooms but still very good. That's where we went to see the new Tron movie. Wow... It was excellent, the special effects were brilliant, the story was great and the soundtrack was bloody brilliant. Well worth watching, and I don't think you need to see the first one in order to "get it" but i'm sure it would make the experience a little more enjoyable.

All in all, yesterday was a good day. Busy, and tinged with sadness missing my little angel, but my Kellie was there for me every step of the way to hold my hand. Not to mention all the messages every one sent, sending live and wishing well.

To me Kellie, thank you baby for yesterday, thank you for looking after me and thank you for being bloody brilliant. I love you very much x

To everyone that sent a message, text, email... Thank you too. It never ceases to amaze me how many people know who Bethy is and think about her.

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2 Responses to “Bethys Birthday”

Mrs L said...

I always feel funny when visiting my Jaia's grave. Probably for the completely opposite reason to you though, as I feel like I should be more upset whenever I visit, but I guess the more I think about it I realise that every day I hurt to the marrow without her - the grave is just another place to me when I feel so much every day.

The most emotional I get (when visiting the cemetery) is the anger and hurt I feel at looking at her grave with somewhat bedraggled-looking wooden angel (instead of cross). The stonemasons want around £4k for the design we want, and with the economy the way it is, not to mention new baby and a soon-to-be 6 year old son we just can't afford it. We've considered other cheaper options but nothing else *fits* so perfectly like this one, there's just no other choice.

I really feel for you Dan, every day without my Jaia is hard, especially as I now have another daughter I look upon and think to myself "is this what Jaia would have looked like?"

Hard to know how to sign off from this comment but know you're not alone mate xxx

Posh Totty said...

I am sorry I didn't get in touch, I am a crap friend and all that, but I think it goes with out saying that I was thinking of you as always Xxx