Merry Xmas/Happy New Year!

Hmm, I wonder if my blog is the first blog to wish it's readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, for 2011? 

Regardless, this is actually last Christmas.  We kinda sorta had a lovely time, but everything has been a bit, shall we say... Mental. Chaotic. Hectic.  With the best plan of "Let's move in together!" in full swing, we discovered that space was this really impressive thing, and something we actually had very very little of.  Being so busy, and having no space, meant we had zero Christmas decorations up.  No tinsel, no ceiling-dangly-things, no banners, not even a tree.  Firstly, the decorations were packed in that mystical place of "Somewhere" and secondly, there was no where to put anything.

Lucky for us, the kids were quite happy with this, and even more lucky, the 0dd sister Gemma stepped in, and invited us there for Christmas Day.  Result.  No cooking in the kitchen (which, I should add, was full of boxes!), no washing up, no clearing space for guests... Result.

The downside to all this, in the run up to Christmas, Kellie had a wicked-evil throat infection, that then turned into a full-blown cold, and I had ManFlu.  However, being the bravest of the brave, I soldiered on, shouldering the burden of germs.

I am such a trooper.

So, Christmas Day, the kids got up full of excitement and wondering what was downstairs, and we made them wait for us to get up... The we made them shower.  Then we made them wait for us to shower  Then we made them get dressed.  Then we made them wait for us to get dressed..  Considering they were up and charging around at 8am, we didn't go down till half ten!

Patience is a virture, remember ;)

So, after devastation that resembled a visit from the Tasmanian Devil, the kids faffed around for a couple of hours, before Jaysen & Tamsyn we collected and headed off to Jo's for the day, then Kellie, Myself, Dom & Molly were collected, and headed to Gemmas.

We had a great day, full of food, drink, more food, presents, more food, cold & flu medicine, more drink, a to-do with my nan, then more drink, more food, more cold & flu medicine, Xmas TV (which was shit) and some more food.  We got in, got the kids to bed, then we flopped into bed.  Along with more drink and more cold & flu medicine.

Boxing Day we also had plans.  First off, the future 0dd Mother In Law invited us over for lunch - so more food, more drink, more cold & flu medicine.  Molly then went to her dads, and the remaining three of us went home, and prepared for the evening, heading over to Kellies bosses house - Diane - for the evening there.

In a shock more, there was even MORE food, even MORE drink, and still we were eating cold & flu medicine. 

The rest of the week kind of blurred into a lump from this point on - not because of the drink or medicine, but that week between Christmas and New Year that seems sort of pointless.  However, the main reason for the blurring was a poorly Kellie.  By Boxing Day, I was feeling a bit better, while Kellie on the other hand, was feeling a bit more shit.  A LOT more shit.

With her bosses being unmentionables, all the staff had to work Bank Holidays for no extra pay.  Not to mention, 90% of the staff decided to call in "Ill" or just not show up at all.  Leaving Kellie and Diane to run the shop.  Monday, Kellie felt really poorly, Tuesday before work, she was sobbing about how ill she was - she was hot, she was hurting, and she was rough as a lump of splintered wood.  But had to go to work anyway.

She got in that night, and collapsed on the sofa.  And I do mean, literally, collapsed.  She kinda fell into it, and slid over.  She was shivering, but burning up and sweating like a marathon running.  I get on the phone to NHS Direct, and after going through all her symptoms - with Kellie trying to answer between passing out and a temperature of 103, they suggested the emergency doctor.

So I call Mr DoctorMan and go through it all with him, and he sounds - get this - concerned!  A CONCERNED doctor.  No, wait, there's more.  Jaws up, please.  He then CAME TO SEE HER.  At 11.30pm.  His professional opinion?  Very very nasty seasonal flu, or Swine Flu.


With a prescription for Tamiflu in my hand, I force feed Kellie meds to get her temperature down, and spend the next week looking after her.

She was a very poorly girlie, and to add insult to injury, just to see the new year out in true Chez 0ddness style - New Years Eve, she had to go to the doctor as she developed a nasty kidney infection and couldn't pee.  So, on the last day of the year, she was on Antivirals and Antibiotics!

We went to bed early new year night, laid in bed watching DVDs, paused them at midnight, said happy new year, then resumed the dvds.

2010 can quite happily get knotted, thank you very much ;)

Still, I am just thankful Kellie didn't end up with my ManFlu...  I don't think she'd have survived the experience.

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