The Things She Says #7

So, we're sat on the bed ready to start another day, Kellie is hurting with arthritis joints, and she's chatting away about, well, nothing.

"She's tall, isn't she?" comes the question of the day.

Now recent visitors to the room include Tam (who is not), Molly (who is not) and the cat (who, obviously, is a cat).

Can you guess who Kellie was talking about?

"Arwen -" I knew it "- has really long legs."

I check Arwen. She is, in fact, still a cat and NOT a weird giraffe/cat hybrid. Nor is she on stilts. She is, for the record, cat-shaped and cat-sized.

"And -" oh god, there's more "- she had pokey feet like your pokey fingers."

Now granted, I do have pokey fingers, but the cat is just fat. And as such, heavy.  Unless I'm mistaken, and she's not fat, it's the weight of her legs pulling her down..

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