The Things She Says #8

Much like  bus, nothing happens for ages at a time, then all of a sudden, two turn up...

We went to see Shelly & Tom over the weekend, Kellies old neighbours on Canvey.  We spent a couple of hours with them, and had to shoot off as they had people over, and in a nice-chap kinda way, Tom offered to drive us home.  However, he didn't know where to go.

So, I'm sat in the front, Kellie is in the back, and I am giving Tom a couple of different routes he can take.  Now, I don't drive, so I'm not sure which route is best. 

Kellie did, however.

"Just go the road way" she pipes up from the back seat.

Yes dear, we're in a car, driving eight miles.  I think you're right, the way home via the road is definitely the best way home...

Off an island too, no less.

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