Being Nursed...

With Monday being what Monday was, Kellie decided to go into overdrive mode in order to look after me.  With movies being the best way to distract your favorite blogger, Kellie got a shed-load of movies in to keep me entertained.

And, I mean the proverbial Shed Load.  Kinda like a metric Crap-Ton.  Only more-so.

Now, I can't remember exactly what order we watched them in, but starting from Sunday evening, and into the wee-small hours (just after 3am!), then all day Monday, again, into the wee-small hours, and again on Tuesday till late.

Our lounge was Movie Central!

For the most part, they were all comedy, some were action comedy, a couple were kids movies, and a couple were, er, Harry Potter.
  • Despicable Me
  • Keeping Mum
  • Marmaduke
  • Matchstick Men
  • The Hangover
  • The Other Guys
  • The Boat that Rocked
  • The Infidel
  • Tropic Thunder
  • Wild Target
  • Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
  • Red
Out of all of them, I'd be hard to say which one was the best.  The Boat That Rocked is about Pirate Radio in the UK back in the 60s, and was excellent.  Red was a really good action movie that had us both giggling throughout, and The Other Guys was a great take on Not-So-Action-Cops.  Harry Potters Phoenix was quite good, but The Half Blood Prince kinda sorta didn't seem to do anything or go anywhere.

All of this was broken up with random programs on BBC iPlayer - mainly while we ate dinner and stuff.  On top of all this, Kellie has never seen Heroes, so I've been slipping an episode or two in here and there.

But this wasn't the only distraction...  Kellie used her female wiles (*nudge wink*) and after nipping out to "get a few bits of shopping" came back with all the trimmings for a roast lamb dinner.  And on top of this, all the stuff to make a slab of Rhubarb Crumble.


And this isn't including the sack of snacks and nibbles to go with it all...  Nuts, crisps, chocolate, popcorn, snacks...

No, suffice to say, Kellie has well and truly looked after me the last few days.  Granted, she may be fattening me up for her large oven in her Gingerbread House, but I don't care...

So a great big thank you to my Kellie for looking after me.  I love you very much baby.

So much so, that I won't post the last "Things She Says" from last night.  How nice am I!

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