Toby Update

For those that have been asking, I am sorry I've been a bad uncle and not gotten back to everyone.. Which is why I am here to not only give an update on the little fella, but to placate the masses with pictures of "awww" worthiness in order to distract you from telling me off.

Toby is doing really well.  As before, it is literally everything at his own speed, and Gemma & Peter have been sat patiently waiting for his body to do what it has to do before they can progress to new and different things. 

Like, you know, FOOD.

He's not been fed since he was born, and while he's had a drip and TPN (which is intravenous food for ya'll that don't know!) that hasn't helped the wee lad feel less hungry.  When he's been awake, he's wanted food, but thank to his tummy still healing and making it's own very attractive green gloop, he's not been allowed anything.

Finally, last night the amounts of slime in his tummy were low enough that they are going to start feeding him... But hold off on the fireworks and things you blow that make strange noises...  He's going to have 1ml of milk.

Poor starved creature.

Assuming his tummy tolerates that, then tomorrow they will shift up to a massive 2ml, and then increasing it each day till he's eating like his Uncle Dan.

I'll get him a KFC once he's home.

Gemma is also doing very well, and was officially discharged yesterday, and given a room in the Ronald McDonald House they have over there, so she has somewhere to stay, eat, chill and shower.  There was a slight panic that they wouldn't have room, but they came through in the end.  She's healing well, and still a bit teary, so I won't tell her how great she's doing, nor how well she's baring up for fear of the waterworks and snot-fest starting again.

Pete is also coping like a trooper, flicking between home and the girls, and hospital with Gemma and the Tobester.  Last night, Petes parents had the girls so he and Gemma could spend a night together for a change.  Once he's home again, no doubt Amy and Zoe will resume running circles around him.

Fun fact... Before Toby was born, they had kids from A to Z - Amy to Zoe.  NOW they have kids from A t' Z... Amy, Toby and Zoe.  Woot.

So, here are some more pictures of Toby.

Still not allowed milk

My FAVOURITE. He SO needs his little finger up ala Doctor Evil...

Now awaiting his milk

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