Lies, And Damn Lies

Having received a phone call this afternoon from my hosting company, I have been forced to remove all posts relating to DRW/Gimme Gizmo.

They will be posted elsewhere, but from a legal standpoint, there's not much I can do. Interesting to see how a personal site can be considered DEFAMATORY and SLANDEROUS and required to be removed.

I am angry.


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7 Responses to “Lies, And Damn Lies”

Davey said...


Cas said...

I've got to tell you, mate, I've been reading the ongoing drama for a while now, and I've still not figured out what the actual problem is or what you're trying to accomplish here...

Maybe you'll think it's sad that I've accepted this kind of treatment as "the way things are" when it comes to business operations, but honestly...this IS the way things are. Businesses exist for one reason only: to make a profit.

Employees are nothing but assets to the head honchos, like their inventory, or their transport fleet. I mean, how many people have ever actually met the CEO of the company they work for, or been to the corporate offices?

And while I don't know the details of how businesses are created or organized in Britain, in the US, you sign a form when you are hired that says you are an "at will" employee, and that you or the employer can end your employment at any reason, for any time. Which means that, in order to even be considered for a job, you must voluntarily give them permission to say F-U and boot you out on your arse.

And if they are in such dire financial straits to where they need to close down that many stores (which they obviously are, because if they were doing well, they'd be opening stores, not closing them), they've probably downsized their corporate staff as well, including payroll, in which case, the lemmings in suits are likely running around like madmen in file-o-fax straightjackets, trying to keep up with the chaos and keep their shoddy backstreet company from collapsing entirely, which could explain the tardy paychecks.

I really don't mean to play devil's advocate, and obviously I'm on your side and agree that Kellie was treated very badly, but as you pointed out, they haven't done anything illegal. She WAS disposable to them, just like I was disposable to any company that's ever fired me. And it may be an immoral way of running a business, but if they wanted to be moral, tree-hugging do-gooders, they would be a non-profit organization or a religious sect, not a peddler in a strip mall.

Dan said...

Over here, when you get a job, often - not always - you sign a contract that gives hours, job description as well ad the employers side if things, sick pay, notice, redundancy and the like.

The contracts expired New Years Eve, and management stated that the contracts would renewed mid to late January. They told the store manager this. I called an employee helpline the government run, and they said that all the terms of the contract stand, even if it is expired. The fact the staff remain doing the same job for pay means that the contract stands even if expired.

All through December and January the girls were told the store was definitely staying open, even though the company stopped sending stock. Area managers told them there was nothing wrong. Then came the fifteen minute notice. Not the week Kellie was supposed to be given.

And this isn't isolated, this is how every store has been treated. One girl quit her job, started at Gimme Gizmo, and then got sacked as they shit the store.

It has been lie after lie from them all, and like I've said, all I want us for them to acknowledge they treat people like crap. A sorry would be brilliant ;)

I'm quite sure nothing will come from any if this, but who knows. Even the bailiff that shut them down struggled to follow the paper trails for all the different companies, company names and management. They are all tangled up together, and the left hand has no idea what the right is doing.

Like I say, maybe nothing will come if it, but looking through their history, this is how they operate... And I hate to see people taken advantage of.

Dan said...

Excuse typos. I'm tired, cranky and headachey.

Cas said...

Yeah, it's definitely douchy, and power to you if you can get a sorry out of them. :/ It's pretty common practice over here, though.

Anonymous said...

we all know that this is 'business' thats cool its acceptable, but surely we have the right to be told the truth considering we are the ones getting the money in the tills for them, and the main issue is the fact they arnt paying people what they are owed. ive worked for alot of companies and this is the first time ive been lied to so much! its time something was done about the way we are treated!! y should we be so bloody 'smiley' to customers and put money in the till for the ''owners'' when they think its ok to lie, keep our wages from us and close us down with less then 10 mins notice!! thats surely a reason to make a stand and say, actually im not gonna let that be an acceptable way to treat people and im gonna speak up!! doctors wouldnt treat there nurses that way, its a chain we all need each other to make money! so why can they lie and avoid paying us just because they feel like it!! and when we argue it, were made too feel the ones in the wrong!! if no one ever stands up to these people then they will get away with it and more and more we will see staff who cant b bothered with customer service or there duties and i dont blame them!! being disrespected and lied to is just demorilising!! and no i cant spell that!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about anyone else but im going to feel somewhat insecure in my next job. After all the lies and flogging off from this company, its going to feel strange working again in a better run company.