Random sharing of the day...

Kellie and I had kippers for our lunch.  We're trying to get more fish in our diets, and both liking kippers, we thought "ooooh"

So, as I started cooking them, I realised how much they really smell.  Not a nasty smell, just a smoky, fishy smell.

Minds out the gutter s'il vous plait.

Aaanyway.  They took fifteen minutes to cook and they were quite a nice smell.  They were really yummy too, and we had them with some proper rustic bread and butter.  Mmmm.

That was seven hours ago, and still when I belch, my head is filled with the smell of them.  Seven hours ago, they were nice.  Six hours ago, it was a bit wiffy. Five hours ago, I was on the bus and smelling in public.  Four point five hours ago I burped at Gemma and killed her in a gassy fish cloud.

NOW, however, I want to stop the smell.  I think bleach is the only next reasonable step. I pity the people behind me tomorrow.

That is all.

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One Response to “Kippers”

Posh Totty said...

Ewww!!! I so can't believe you are blaming the kippers tho!!!