Musical Monday #101 - Sound Of Da Police

Usually, I will post music that I like.  Invariably, it's a song that's caught my ear, that has impressed me or makes me feel good/bouncy.

However, today, I felt the need to put on a song that, for some reason, has been in my head since I rolled out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn.  I don't know what it is about my head, but it does tend to play random songs to me at random times.  Every day it's a different song, and every day I wonder where exactly it came from.

Today is one of those days, an oldish rap song from the 90s, and it's arrived in my head pretty much as soon as I was coherent enough to think "I need a wee" to myself.  Even while stood in the loo (nice image eh...) it was banging around against my skull.

So, even though I am pretty sure not one of you will click the "play" button, here is KRS - Sound Of Da Police

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