Blogging On The Move

Being that I am a master at multi-tasking - no, I am - I am currently Blogging while walking AND listening to music... Proof that the world truly is mobile now I think!

Being that it's been Tamsyns birthday this week, she wanted to go for a picnic over the weekend. Now me, I'd have packed each child a lunch box and job done. Kellie, however, had different plans...

Friday we went shopping, and Kellie started to put more and more stuff in the trolley all for Saturday. Let's put it this way, it took just over an hour to put everything together. And we ended up with mountains if food.

Kellie and myself, plus four kids headed out at about half eleven, and we spent the entire day at Wat Tyler Country Park. We walkies, bird-watched, played in the adventure playground, did the museum and even the gift shop... We didn't get in till gone five, all exhausted, and with very little food left over!

I'm sure here and Facebook will have pictures soon ;)

In other news, I can confirm the previous post was a fabrication, and that Kellie isn't a spy. Or she is, and her cover is brilliant... Punya is sunny Australia (yes, despite Autumn/Winter arriving!) got the papers correct, it was from the Myst computer game.

For those following Kellies medical saga, she had another blood test on Thursday... We get the results tomorrow from all the Thyroid tests, and ate really hoping they show something. Hopefully the doc will say "yes, it's your thyroid, here's some meds to make it better" and she'll start getting better. I'm stuck in that powerless-to-do-anything mode and I don't like it.

I know it won't be an instant fix, but at least we'll know why Kellie has been so poorly, and that we can do something about it...

Otherwise, aside from still sifting through the house, sorting everything out, entertaining and feeding kids and everything else, all is quiet... Pfft.

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