Six Years of Peanut

Were proof required of times passage, all you have to do is look at a little ickle child, in this case, Tamsyn. Just yesterday, she was this teeny tiny little thing that was completely helpless.

Today, however, she is six.

Yep, through the wonders of time and space thingies, she has developed from a wee little critter, to a wonderful, independent (well, mostly!) little girlie that talks (a lot), draws (a lot), writes (a lot) and plays out with her friends.

When on earth did THAT happen?!

I can see it now, today she is six - the next steps will be boyfriends and going out in evenings and all the rest of it. I am most definitely getting old...
To my little lady, Tamsyn...
Six years old, I really can't believe how quickly time has flown! You are quickly growing into a gorgeous little lady, bright as a button and doing so well in everything you do. You are growing up so fast, and it really doesn't seem like that long ago that you were just a tiny little thing that was completely helpless...

You are a beautiful little girl, and I love you very much. You are doing so well in school, and out of school there is no stopping you, picking up new things all the time, playing out with your friends, charging around the house with Molly or the boys... Even if you ARE the noisiest of all the kids!

All I want for your future is for you to be happy, and to enjoy everything you do. As long as you do your hardest and you are happy, everyone will be so proud of you.

Keep growing, keep learning everything, keep laughing and smiling, and loving everyone around you.  I am so proud of you my little Peanut. I love you very much.

Happy birthday Tam,
Lots of love,

(Edit: Not sure why this didn't post on the morning of the 21st... Hmmm)

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